Đề thi học sinh giỏi tỉnh Bình Dương – Tiếng anh 9 – năm học 2012-2013


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Đề HSG Anh 9 Bình Dương 2012-2013

1. Peter used to_______ swimming every Friday when he was a student.

A. went

B. goes

C. going                

D. go

2. There was such a huge___________ outside the stadium that it looked

like we’d never get inside.

A. team

B. class

C. crowd               

D. group

3. My friend___________________ me that he was going to take a driving test.

A. spoke

B. told

C. said                  

D. talk

4. The teacher advised the children_________ and see the dentist regularly.

A. went

B. going

C. go                     

D. to go

5. Carmen___________ that you are making a mistake by turning down

their offer.

A. thinks

B. is thinking       

C. is thought

D. has thought

6. When you__________ the intersection of Fifth and Broadway, turn right.

A. come

B. reach

C. get                    

D. arrive

7. I asked my friend______ he wanted to go out with me.

A. that

B. which

C. who                  

D. if

8. I’m learning English________I want to get a better job.

A. or

B. but

C. therefore          

D. because

9. I admire so many actors, it would be hard to say who my_________ one is.

A. perfect

B. favorite               

C. better               

D. best

10. ‘‘Would you like to have dinner with me?”. “_____________ ”

A. Yes, I’d love to

B. Yes, so do I

C. I’m very happy

D. Yes, it is

11. Mary never cooks,_______ ?

A. did not she

B. doesn’t she

C. does she          

D. did she

12. I think their house is____________ I’ve ever seen.

A. the most beautiful

B. more beautiful

C. most beautiful that

D. more beautiful that

13. “What do you know about the new chairperson?” “My assistant,

worked for him for years, says he’s a wonderful man.”

A. that

B. she                     

C. who                  

D. whose

14. “I’m having lunch with Sue Peterson tomorrow.’’ “Please_______

her my regards when you see her. ”

A. give

B. you give

C. to give          

D.  be giving

15. “Does this jacket belong to you?” “No, and I’m not sure______________ it is.’

A. who

B. whose

C. which           

D. that

16. They left the restaurant because there was nothing on the___________

they wanted to eat.

A. list

B. program

C. menu             

D. catalogue


A. downtown

B. cottage

C. suburds

D. village


A. government

B. relaxation

C. surviral

D. organize


A. professor

B. student

C. teacher

D. schedule


A. luckily

B. fortunately

C. carelessly

D. comfortable


A. department store

B. bakery

C. supermarket

D. shopping mall


A. manager

B. cash register

C. salesperson

D. customer


A. artist

B. music

C. inventor  

D. cyclist


A. star

B. plot

C. extra

D. director


A. full-time

B. permanent

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C. part-time

D.  retire


A. patience

B. fortunate

C. lucky

D.  careful


1. It’s 3:30; I must p_______ up my children from school.

2. Discip_______ in schools isn’t as strict today as it used to be.

3. If you want to get in shape, why don’t you t_____ up tennis?

4. I have always loved the violin. As a child, I thought of becoming a

v________________ .

5. We buy so much that we always need a shopping c_________ in the


6. It’s too expensive for me to live on my own, so I want to m________


back home.

7. My exams start next week. I must r_____ my notes over the weekend.

8. The meal was terrible. We should c_____ to the manager.

9. Students are sent to the principal if they don’t b____ in class.

10. Who is in c_______ of this department?

1. As soon as she arrives, we (have)_______________ dinner.

2. If we stayed in tonight, what__________ we (do)_____________ ?

3. She said that she (call)_______back later.

4. My father (smoke)__________a lot, but he quit ten years ago.

5. My car (repair)____________at the moment. I had an accident last week.

6. The movie star’s picture (take)____________when he was shopping 

with his girlfriend

7. She started the job last month, and she____________already (give)

____________ a raise.

8. When we (check in)________, I’ll ask for a window seat.

9. Celebrities___________often (see)________at the best New York


10. If we don’t use less electricity, global warming (get)______worse.

The need for money (0) comes from the fact that different people in

society produce different things. This (1)__________________ that people

depend on each other for goods and (2)_______________. Let us take the

of a farmer who produces more food than he requires

and a carpenter who earns a (4)______________ by selling the tables and

chairs that he has made. It will be obvious that (5)________________

some means of exchange is found, the farmer will not be able to get

of his surplus food and the carpenter, having nothing to

eat, will (7)______________ to death! Clearly, the possible means of

exchange for them to use will be barter – in other (8)_____________, to

exchange a certain amount of one kind of goods ((9)_____________say

flour) for a certain amount of another (tables or chairs, in this case).

Obviously, barter can (10)____________ only in a very simple society.

In an advanced society one can’t go around carrying things in the

that he can exchange them for the right things he

needs. So, we need something that will stand for the goods and services

that we want to exchange. That (12)___________ for the origin of money.


Could you change your life in just 30 days? That’s the question

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documentary maker Morgan Spurlock asked when he filmed his new TV

series, 30 Days. Martin Grady reviews the first program of the series, 30

Days on the Minimum Wage*.

Spurlock, who is most famous for Supersize Me, his movie about the

dangers of eating junk food, became frustrated that few people know

about poverty in America. He and his fiancée, Alex, decided to film an

experiment. They’d give up their jobs for a month and try to live on the

minimum wage. The resulting documentary, which was filmed reality-

show-style using a handheld camera, contains a powerful social message

about the growing gap between the rich and poor in the US.

The couple travel to Columbus, Ohio, one of the poorest cities in the

US. The only apartment that they can afford to rent is filthy, in a dangerous

area, and has no furniture. The heat doesn’t work very well, so they’re often

cold. Alex begins working as a dishwasher, while Morgan does construction

work with no safety equipment. Neither of them earns more than the minimum wage.

It’s difficult to watch Morgan and Alex struggling in such terrible conditions.

A charity gives them some furniture for free, but they have to live without

reliable heat, TV, or telephone. They’re exhausted all the time and begin

to argue about money. The couple interview people in the same situation

and listen to their stories. It’s difficult to imagine, but these people have lived

on the minimum wage for decades and many have children.

When Alex gets sick and Morgan badly injures his wrist, they go to a free

clinic but can’t see a doctor because of long lines. People there say that

without free medical care they’d die.

After 30 days, Morgan and Alex have spent over $1,000 more than they

have earned, mostly because of the medical expenses. They are shocked.

They can go back to their comfortable life in New York, but what if they

couldn’t? How would they continue to survive?

*At the time of Morgan and Alex’s experiment, minimum wage in the

US was $5.15 an hour.

1. 30. Days on the Minimum Wage is______.

A. a TV series   

B. a TV documentary

C. a drama series

2. Supersize Me was about_______ .

A. how eating too much junk food can be bad for you

B. poverty in the us

C. the popularity of junk food

3. Morgan Spurlock is____ .

A. single

B. married                                     

C. engaged

4. The purpose of the experiment was to discover if Morgan and Alex

could_____ .

A. give up their jobs

B. make a movie together

C. live on very little money

5. Morgan and Alex interviewed people_______ .

A. and told them their life story

B. who were living in the same way

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C. in the same apartment building

6. Morgan and Alex rented their apartment because________ .

A. it was the only one they could find

B. it was cheap

C. it was in a good building

7. Morgan and Alex______ $5.15 per hour.

A. both earned more than

B. earned exactly

C. didn’t earn more than

8. The couple had to live with_______ .

A. no furniture

B. a poor heating system

C. very little food

9. During the experiment, Morgan and Alex_______ .

A. got along very well

B. argued about junk food

C. sometimes disagreed about money

10. Morgan and Alex weren’t able to see a doctor at the free clinic

because______ .

A. they hadn’t applied for free medical care

B. there were too many people waiting

C. they didn’t have insurance

1. “Are you a member of this club?”, the receptionist said to me.

-> The receptionist asked…………………………………………..

2. It’s a pity that we don’t have a video camera.

-> I wish…………………………………………………………………..

3. If possible, you should keep the car in a garage at night.

-> If possible, your………………………………………………….

4. Cheaper tickets are available from some travel agents.

-> Some travel……………………………………………………

 5. There are usually long waits at the airport.

-> You usually have……………………………………………..

6. We spent five hours getting to London.

-> It took …………………………………………………………….

7. My father hasn’t smoked since he was thirty.

-> My father gave …………………………………………………

8. Mary is the most intelligent girl in her class.

-> No one ……………………………………………………………

1. Nam/ Mary/ be/ pen pals/ over four years.

2. I/ use/ walk/ past/ temple/ on/ way/ primary school/ when/ little boy.

3. It/ very difficult/ Vietnamese students/ study/ abroad.

4. new stadium/ build/ this area/ next month.

5. After/ finish/ degree/ English,/ she/ went on/ study/ Law/ Harvard university.

6. The book/ you/ read/ last night/ write/ Charles Dickens.

7. They/ spend/ all day/ practise/ song/ they/ sing/ Lan’s next birthday.

1. Lars Carlsson is from___________ .

2. He has been a make-up artist since____________ .

3. He began his career by working with____________ in the theatre.

4. He has worked in many different areas including TV, films and_________ .

5. Carlsson seems to change people’s________________ by changing their


6. He can make actors look kind,______________ or shy.

7. Carlsson’s techniques include using make-up and_____________ .

8. Carlsson is both a make-up artist and a___________

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