Unit 3 People’s background – Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10


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Exercise 1. Below is the dialogue between Mary and David. Put Mary’s questions (A —F) in the right places and then read the. dialogue aloud.

A.Have you lived there ever since?

B.And you got that j ob?

C.Where were you bom?

D.And you went to live in Toronto?

E.When did you go to Canada?

F.So you left in 1994?

Mary:    David, tell me something about yourself. (1)________________________

David:   Well, I was bom in Edinburgh, but I live in Canada, Toronto.

Mary:    (2)

David: When I was ten years old – that was in 1982.

Mary:    (3)_______________________________________________________

David: No, not immediately. My parents and I lived in Winnipeg first. Then in 1984 we moved to Toronto.

Mary:    (4)___________________________________

David:   Not really. I went to school in Toronto and then in 1990 I  went  to university in Montreal. I had a great time – in all I spent four years there.

Mary:    (5)_______________________________

David: That’s right. I worked in a theatre in Montreal for six months, until March 1995. But I couldn’t stay on in that job, so I applied for a job as a salesman in April 1995.

Mary:    (6) _______________________________________________________

David: Yes, I started work in July 1995. I’ve had that job until now.

Exercise 2. Speak about David’s life, using the following cues.

  • Edinburgh
  • 1982
  • winningpeg
  • 1984
  • 1990
  • 4 years
  • 6 months
  • july 1995


Use the prompts below to write complete sentences about Nguyen Trai.

1.bom / in 1380 / Thang Long / now / call / Hanoi /.

2.he / not only / national hero / but also / great poet / .

3.he / devote / all / life / country’s independence / freedom / .

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4.during / schooldays / educate / by his father / scholar / and / village school teacher/.

5. he / so brilliant / that / get / Doctor’s degree / age / twenty /.

6.he / help / Le Loi / end / the Minh aggression /.

7.after / victory / write “Binh Ngọ Dai Cao” / which / praise / people’s heroism / and / look forward / bright future / Vietnam /.

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Exercise 1.

1.C   2.E    3.D     4.A     5.F      6.B


1.Nguyen Trai was born in 1380 in Thang Long, now called Hanoi

2.He was not only a national hero also a great poet

3.He devoted all his life to the country’s independence and freedom 

4.During his schooldays,he was educated by his father, a scholar and a village school teacher

5.He was so brilliant that he got a Doctor’s degree at the age of twenty

6.He helped Le Loi to end the Minh aggression

7.After the victory, he wrote ”Binh Ngo Dai Cao”, which praised our people’s heroism and looked forward to a bringht future for Vietnam

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