Unit 4 SPECIAL EDUCATION – Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10


Đang tải…


Complete the dialogue by filling in each blank (1-6) with one of the expressions (A-H) that follow. There are more expressions than the blanks. The first one has been done as an example.

Shop assistant : Good morning, Madam. (1) _____________

Customer : (2)_________I bought this silk dress last week, and washed it and it’s become so small. Look at it.

Shop assistant : Oh, yes. (3) ________________

Customer : And I paid $8 for it. That’s expensive.

Shop assistant : It is. Well, (4) ________________

Customer : No, tank you. I just want my money back.

Shop assistant : Well, perhaps you like other things for the same price?

Customer: (5)_______ I just like my money back, please.

Shop assistant: Oh, OK I’m very sorry.(6)___________

A.I’m terribly sorry.

B.Yes, I hope so.

C.Would you like to take another silk dress of the same quality?


E.Maybe I like.

F.I’ll organise it.

G.No, I’d rather not.

H.Can I help you?


You want to apply to go on a study holiday. Fill the form that follows.


Westhay University

Luxford LX 92 1AR

26 July to 15 August

Family name:__________________________

First name:__________________________

Present address: _____________________

Date of birth (day/month/year): ______  



Why are you applying for a study holiday?

What languages can you speak?

How will you be travelling?


Đáp Án


1.H     2.B     3.A     4.C      5.G       6.F

Thấy bài viết hay hãy đánh giá làm động lực cho chúng tôi bạn nhé

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Chọn số sao muốn đánh giá

Xếp hạng trung bình / 5. Số lượng đánh giá:

Chưa có đánh giá nào cho bài viết. Bạn hãy đánh giá để làm người đánh giá đầu tiên cho bài viết này

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