Unit 5 TECHNOLOGY AND YOU – Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10


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Part 1. Read the passage and choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the following sentences.

Compact discs (CD’s) have revolutionized the music industry with their surprisingly realistic sound. The six-inch discs look like thin plastic sandwiches with aluminum in the center. They have digitally recorded material that is read by laser beams, so the sound has none of the crackling of the vinyl records. CD’s are also virtually indestructible, and they are lighter and smaller than conventional records (LP’s). CD’s are becoming more widely available than LP’s. They are now sold in electronics and video stores that haven’t formerly carried records or cassettes. Many record stores are now cutting their prices on LP’s to make room for the new CD’s. There has been a phenomenal growth in the sale of CD’s. Sales were up to 150 percent in the first half of 2015 as compared to the first half of 2014. Although fewer than 8 million CD’s were sold in 2013, there were approximately 60 million sold in 2015. It is likely that the sales would have been even higher were it not for the price. CD’s cost nearly twice as much as LP’s in the near future; however, prices should lower as more production facilities open.

1.The main appeal of CD’s is their_______ .





2.The author refers to CD’s as “sandwiches” because they________ .

A.are light

B.are small

C.are layered

D.don’t crack

3.This passage states that it is difficult to__________ .

A.play a CD

B.produce a CD

C.record a CD

D.destroy a CD

4.According to the passage, many record stores are currently__________ .

A.lowering CD prices

B.raising LP prices

C.lowering LP prices

D.raising CD prices

5.According to the passage, which one of the following is TRUE?

A.Different kinds of store are selling CD’s.

B.More CD’s are available than LP’s.

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C.Stores are selling more CD’s than LP’s.

D.Stores are losing money on their LP’s.

6.The author’s main purpose is to__________ .

A.tell how CD’s are made

B.discuss the growth of CD’s

C.compare CD’s and LP’s

D.describe the technology that produces CD’s.

Part 2. Fill each blank with a suitable word in the box.
think working by computers over
given sizes to cannot programs


People are fascinated (1)_______robots. Science fiction books and movies feed people’s imagination, making them wonder about the possibilities of robots living and (2)_______ with them. Is it possible for robots to look like people, work like people, and (3)___ like people? In the future, anything is possible. Already today, there are tens of thousands of robots doing work all (4)    the world. Robot is the name (5) __  tò any machine that can do a certain job automatically. These machines come in any shapes and (6)  . It is possible to build a robot in the shape of a person, but most look like machines built for specific purposes. They are controlled by (7)       . The computers tell thẻ robot what to do and how to do it. People write the (8)  for computers that control therobots. Robots can sense the environment around them and respond (9) __________________________________________________

They can complete several steps in a process and can try other methods if one does not work. Ordinary machines (10) do these things.


Exercise 1. Tick the column that matches the sound in the underlined letter(s). They are all single vowel sounds.

/u/ /u:/

Exercise 2. Write the sentences using the passive.                    

1.People should send their complaints to the main office.


2.Somebody might have stolen your car if you had left the keys in it.

Your car______________________________________________

3.A short circuit could have caused the fire.

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The fire______________________________________________

4.Somebody has robbed the bank near our house.

The bank _____________________________________________

5.Somebody told me to wait outside.


6.Nobody has invited her to the party.


7.Somebody has driven them to the airport.


8.Nobody sent us any tickets.


9.Has someone decorated my bedroom?

Has my bedroom________________________________________________

10.Did anything disturb you in the night?


Exercise 3. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense, active or passive.

a.The robbers (1. catch)___________________________________ as they (2. leave) the bank.

b.Huong (3. arrive)______________ home to find feathers everywhere. Her cat

(4. catch)______________ a bird.

c.Our dustbins (5. empty)________ ■ on Thursday.

d.Cuong was furious with the newsagent because his newspaper (6. not deliver)

e.It’s a very upsetting time for Aunt Lucy. Her budgie (7. miss)_______________

for three days now.

f.Why (8. you/not like) _______________ going to the opera? We (9. love)

_____________ it.

g.We drove down in a quiet country lane when suddenly we (10. overtake) by a police car.

Exercise 4. Complete sentences 1—5, using a relative pronoun where necessary. Example:

The girl chatted with him yesterday. She arrived here at 6:30.

The girl who chatted with him yesterday arrived here at 6:30.

1.The man is talking to my father. Last week he spent fifteen minutes measuring our kitchen.

2.The architect designed these flats. He has moved to Ho Chi Minh City.

3.The young man lives on the comer. He rides an expensive motorbike.

4.I’m reading the book. I bought it in Sydney in 1996.

5.I will introduce the man to you. He is sharing the flat with me.

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Part 1

1.C     2.C    3.D     4.C      5.A     6.B

Part 2












Exercise 1.

Exercise 2.

1.Complaints should be sent to the main office.

2.Your car might have been stolen if you had left the keys in it. ‘

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3.The fire could have been caused by a short circuit.

4.The bank near our house has been robbed.

5.I was told to wait outside.

6.She has not been invited to the party.

7.They have been driven to the airport.

8.We were not sent any tickets.

9.Has my bedroom been decorated?

10.Were you disturbed (by anything) in the night?

Exercise 3.

1.were caught                        6.hadn’t been delivered

2.were leaving/left               7.has been missing

3.arrived                                 8.don’t you like

4.had caught                          9.love  

5.are emptied                  10.were overtaken

Exercise 4.

1.The man who is talking to my father spent fifteen minutes measuring our kitchen last week./The man who spent fifteen minutes measuring our kitchen last week is talking to my father.

2.The architect who designed these flats has moved to Ho Chi Minh City./The architect who has moved to Ho Chi Minh City designed these flats.

3.The young man who lives on the comer rides an expensive motorbike./’The young man who rides an expensive motorbike lives on the comer.

4.I’m reading the book which I bought in Sydney in 1996.

5.I will introduce to you the man who is sharing,the flat with me.

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