Unit 8 THE STORY OF MY VILLAGE – Bài tập Tiếng Anh 10


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Part 1. Read the story and then do the exercises that follow.

Fishermen found safe and sound

Three Taiwanese fishermen were rescued yesterday from a small uninhabited island in the South Pacific. The men had disappeared for more than three months.

They had left Taiwan in a small fishing boat and had planned a week-long trip. On their fifth day, however, they were caught in a typhoon, and it badly damaged their boat. Fortunately, none of the men was hurt. After the storm had passed, though, they discovered that the engine wouldn’t start, so their boat just drifted at sea for over a month. During this time, the fishermen caught fish to eat and drank rain water to stay alive.

Finally, the boat drifted toward a small island. When it got close enough, the men jumped out and swam to shore. On the island, they found fresh fruit and vegetables, and they continued to catch fish to eat.

The fishermen had lived on the island for two months when a passing ship rescued them. Although the three men had lost a lot of weight, they were still in fairly good shape. Their families had thought that the fishermen had lost their lives during the typhoon. They were surprised and happy that the ship had found them and that they were “safe and sound”.

Exercise 1. Choose the meaning of the word/phrase in italics.

1. An uninhabited island is one______________ .

A. with a lot of people living in it

B. with few people living in it

C. with no people living in it

2.A typhoon is ,_____________

A. a big tropical storm

B. a big fish

C. a big ship

3.When the boat drifted at sea,______________ .

A. it was controlled by the fishermen while it was going on the sea

B. it was controlled by the engine while it was going on the sea

C. it was not controlled by anyone or anything while it was going on the sea

4.If the men were in good shape,______________.

A. they were healthy

B. they were suffering a disease

C. they were overweight

Exercise 2. Choose the appropriate answer to each of the following questions.

1.How long were the fishermen missing?

A. For over a month.’

B. For more than three months.

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C. For two months.

2.Where did they sail from?

A. A small uninhabitated island.

B. South Pacific.

C. Taiwan

3.How long had they planned to be away?

A. For five days.

B. For over a month.

C. For one week.

4.How were the men affected by the typhoon?

A. The engine of their boat broke down.

B. They were hurt.

C. They stayed alive.

5.How were they rescued?

A. By eating a lot of fish.

B. By a passing ship.

C. By staying in good shape.

Part 2. Read the article and choose the best option (A, B or C) to complete each of the statements that follow.

The Global Village

More and more often, the term global village is used to describe the world and its people. In a typical village, however, everyone knows everyone else and the people face the same kind of problems. How can the world be a village, when it is the home to almost 7.5 billion people? Technological changes in the past century have made the global village possible.

With the help of technological achievements people now are communicating by means of satellites and computers. These high-tech communications allow news and ideas to travel quickly from country to country. People in one country now know about their neighbours around the globe in dramatic new ways. Through the Internet, we can get information from computers anywhere and carry on electronic conversations with people everywhere. Through television programmes transmitted by satellite, we can learn much about many cultures.

What will happen as we move into the middle of twenty-first century and beyond? Almost certainly the development of the global village will continue. Not only is this possible, but the challenges that the world faces – for example, global warming, pollution, population growth, etc. – will make it necessary.

1.The term global village refers to______.

A. a typical village

B. the world and its people

C. a kind of problem

2.The world can be a village because _______.

A. it has amost 7.5 billion people

B. technological changes are possible

C. there have been technological changes

3.According to the article, the following are true, EXCEPT _________.

A. the development of the global village is not necessary

B. satellite makes it possible for people to learn about the cultures of other countries

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C. technological achievements have changed the way people in the world communicate.

4.Which of the following is the main idea of the article?

A. Global village is possible thanks to technological achievements.

B. The world has become a village.

C. Technological achievements have changed the way people communnicate.


Exercise 1. Choose the word with the italicised letter(s) pronounced differently from those of the others.

1. A. cow B. bowl C. how D. town
2. A doubt B. house C. mouse D. touch
3. A rose B. hot C. host D. hope
4. A. road B. roar C. coat D. soap
5. A throw B. grow  C. how D. flow


Exercise 2. Choose the correct verb form to fill each blank.

1.I__________ you some information if you___________ me your address.

A. will send – will tell

B. will send – tell

C. send – will tell

2.If Kate__________ late again, she___________ her job.

A. is – will lose

B. is – loses 

C. will be – will lose

3. You _________ sick if you ____________ all that ice-cream.

A. are – will lose

B. will be – will eat

C.will be – eat

4.There __________ enough room if everyone _______.

A. won’t be – comes

B. isn’t – will come

C. won’t be – will come

5.If we__________ out tomorrow evening, we . that new programme on TV.

A. will go – will miss

B. go – will miss

C. will go – miss

Exercise 3. Choose the best option (A, B or C) to complete each sentence.

1.If you’ve finished your work, ____.

A. you can have a break

B. you have a break

C. you had a break

2.If I’m not back by 8.00,____ .

A. don’t wait for me

B. have waited for me

C. waited for me

3.If you’ve got the flu,_________ .

A. you will stay in bed and keep warm

B. stay in bed and keep warm

C. you have stayed in bed and keep warm

4.If you are ever in London, ___________ .

A. you are going to give me a ring

B. you will give me a ring

C. you must give me a ring

5.I’d buy a new laptop___ .

A. Aif I can afford it

B. if I will afford it

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C. if I have afforded it

6. If I had more time.,___________.

A.I will do an evening class on photography

B. I’m going to do an evening class on photography

C. I might do an evening class on photography

Exercise 4. Read this student’s essay. Choose the letter A, B or C to indicate the underlined part that needs correction in each of the sentences.

1. Once when(A) I was(B) a small boy, I had gone(C) to my aunt Mary’s(D) house

2. Aunt Mary collected(A) flower vases, and when I got(B) there, she said(C) me that she wanted(D) to show me her new vase.

3. She told(A) she had just bought(B) it from(C) a(D) shop    

4. When(A) she went to(B) answer the(C) door, I picked on(D) the vase.

5. It slipped(A) out(B) my hands and smashed to(C) pieces on(D) the floor.

6. When Aunt Mary had come(A) back, I screamed(B) and said(C) that the cat had broken(D) her new vase.

7. Aunt Mary told(A) me that it isn’t(B) important and she could(C) buy another one easily(D).

8. I couldn’t sleep at all that(A) night, and the next(B) morning I called my aunt and

told to (C) her that I had broken(D) her vase.

9.She said(A) I(B) had known(C) that all along(D).

10.I promised(A) that I am going(B) to buy her(C) a new one(D) some day.



Part 1 

Exercise 1.

1.C      2.A       3.C      4.A

Exercise 2.

1.B     2.C      3.C     4.A      5.B

Part 2 

1.B     2.C     3.A     4.A 


Exercise 1.

1.B     2.D     3.B     4.B      5.C

Exercise 2.

1.B     2.A       3.C      4.A       5.B

Exercise 3.

1.A     2.A     3.B        4.C        5.A       6.C

Exercise 4.

1.C     2.C    3.A     4.D    5.B   6.A    7.B   8.C   9.B     10.B

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