Unit 1 The Generation Gap ( phần I, II, III) – Bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 11


Đang tải…


1. A. access B. afford C. brochure D. casual
2. A. behaviour B. determined C. counsellor D. decisive
3. A. donate B. compare C. campaign D. flashy
4. A. experience B. mobility C. independent D. prioritise
5. A. romantic B. solution C. protective D. elegant
6. A. legal B. obey C. Forbid D. impose
7. A. constitution B. disrespectful C. sympathetic D. elongated
8. A. generational B. interpersonal C. discrimination D. nationality
9. A. studious B. unite C. mature D. involve
10. A. frustrating B. charity C. impairment D. infectious

11. I live in a/an _________with my parents and my elder sister in the Coastal area.

A. Extended family              B. nuclear family

C. Extended house              D. nuclear house

12. One advantage of living in a/an __________ is to strengthen relationship between young children and adults.

A. Nuclear family                      B. nuclear house

C. Extended family                  D. extended house

13. In my opinion, family members are responsible for _________ .

A. The housework                    B. the chores

C. homework                             D. A and B

14. My grandpa is the most conservative person in my family. He never about way of life.

A. Gives his opinion                    B. changes his mind

C. Gives his view                            D. keeps in mind

15. After graduating from university, I want to __________ my father’s footsteps.

A. Follow in                B. succeed in                C. go after               D.keep up

16. In a nuclear family, both mother and father have responsibility for housekeeping and _________ .

A. Child care              B. homework                  C. childcare             D. generation gap

17. Four generations living in the same roof will have điíTerent ___________ oflifestyle.

A. Gaps                      B. rules                     C. manners                      D. viewpoints

18. Luckily, my parents are alwavs willing to listen to my new ideas. They’re very

A. Narrow-minded                           B. open-minded

C. Elegant                                          D. careful

19. My mother _________ me from ẹoing home after 10 p.m. every day.

A. forbids               B. allows               C. lets             D. All are correct

20. Anna often dresses _________ when going to the parties in order to attract her

friends’ attention.

A. Plainly               B. properly                C. flashily                  D. soberly

21. We’re surprised by Joe’s __________ every Monday. He changes it’at least 4 times a month.

A. Hairstyle                B. lifestyle               C. viewpoint                 D. manner

22. I rarely eat ______ and drink _________because they’re not food for health.

A. Snack/energy drink                            B. fast food/juice

C. Fruit/alcoholic drink                          D. junk food/soft drink

23. Generation ____________ is the difference in the thoughts and viewpoints

amongst generations living together,

A. Distance                B. Gap                C. space               D. All are correct

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24. I was tired and couldn’t________ on doing my research project properly.

A. Concentrate                          B. look

C. Pay attention                       D. Both A and c

25. My parents don’t let me get married until I graduate from university and they

never __________ their mind about that.

A. Keep             B. impose                 C. focus                    D. change

26. The __________arises when Jack and his parents have considerable disagreement on his choice of university.

A. Discrimination                   B. conflict

C. Agreement                           D. gap

27. I do morning exercise and play volleyball reguỉarly so as to keep ________and be healthier.

A. Fit                 B. good shape                C. healthy                    D. strong

28. Since the family law was implemented, domestic violence has been a rare _______ in this area.

A. Happen               B. taking place               C. occurrence                D. happenstance

29. My farther used to _________ a lot of challenges before establishing his 0wn insurance company.

A. Provide                  B. enjoy                C. give                          D. face

30. I wish I could do something to reduce financial ________ on my parents.

A. Capital                 B. burden             C. limit                         D. gap

31. Despite being a kid, Tuan always helps his mother do the chores every day.

A. Homework              B. works                 C. housework                D. house duties

32. When I was a child, my mother used to teach me table manners.

A. Etiquette                   B. rule                    C. problem                   D. norm

33. Many parents find it hard to understand íheir children when they are teenagers.

A. Adults                      B. elders                 C. adolescents               D. kids

34. There’re many probleins which are unavoidable when living in an extended farmily.

A. Profits                     B. issues                  C. views                         D. merits

35. Mary has a strong đesire to make independent decisions.

A. Dependent               B. self-confident              C. self-confessed           D. self-determining

36. My mother mistakenly believes that my fashion style breaks the norm of society.

A. Routine                    B. barrier                        C. rule               D. conflict

37. I always ỉook at this matter from a different viewpoint.

A. Point of view                             B. view from point

C. Idea                                             D. opinion

38. We find it unattractive when dress flashily.

A. Luxuriantly              B. ostentatiously           C. cheaply         D. fashionably

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39. Consuming too much junk food increases the risk of obesity.

A. Decrease                B. reduce                      C. rise                   D. raise

40. I feel extremely depressed as conflict occurs frequently amongst generations in my family.

A. Comes on                B. eomes up               C. comes in                 D. comes into

41. If you live in an extcnded family. you’ll have great joy and get support of other members.

A. Close family                      B. traditional family

C. Nuclear family                  D. large family

42. Our mother encourages us to be open-minded about new opinions and experiences.

A. Optimistic           B. elegant            C. close-knit             D. narrow-minded

43. Domestic violence is strictly forbidden all over the world.

A. Permitted              B. limited             C. restricted               D. prohibited

44. Jane found herself in conflict with her parents over her future career.

A. Disagreement             B. harmony           C. controversy            D. fighting

45. I can’t concentrate on my work because of the noise caused by my children.

A. Focus                   B. abandon              C. neglect                D. allow

46. My grandpa’s point of view about marriage remains conservative.

A. Progressive            B. traditional           C. retrogressive                D. conventional

47. Finally, I decide to follow in my father’s footsteps to work in state-owned enterprise.

A. Private-owned                        B. public limited

C. Privately-owned                    D. government-owned

48. My grandma usually takes care of us when my parents are away on business.

A. Follows             B. abandons               C. concems             D. bothers

49. We greatly respect my teacher for all of the best things that she brought to us.

A. Look up to           B. look forwards                C. look for           D. look down on

50. I regretted not to buy those trendy shoes through lack of money.

A. Shortage               B. abundance                 C. scarcity             D. deficiency

51. All students_______ wear uniforms at school because it is a rule.

A. Should            B. have to           C. ought to              D. must

52. You ______finish your homework before you go to bed.

A. Must                B. have to          C. should              D. ought to

53. This drink isn’t beneficial for health. You_______ drink it too much.

A. Should              B. ought to not         C. ought not to         D. mustn’t

54. This warning sign indicates that you______ step on the grass.

A. Shouldn’t          B. mustn’t           C. don’t have to         D. ought not to

55. I think you_______ do exercise regularly in order to keep your body good shape.

A. Must              B. should             C. ought to              D. Both B and c

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56. I will lend you some money, but you ________pay it back to me next week.

A. Should          B. have to            C. must              D. mustn’t

57. Hoa _________feed the cats because her mother has done it already.

A. Has to            B. doesn’t have to          C. must           D. Both A and c

58. Those audiences ________ show their tickets before entering the concert hall.

A. Have to          B. must              C. oughtto                 D. don’t have to

59. The children _________ spend too much time playing Computer games.

A. Mustn’t          B. ought to not           C. shouldn’t            D. Both B and c

60. In case you’re suffered from the injury, you ________see the doctor today.

A. Had better         B. must               C. ought              D. have better

61. Water park is free for kids under 6 years old, so you_____pay money for your son.

A. Have to           B. mustn’t             C. should              D. don’t have to

62. You look totally exhausted. You ______ take a rest instead of working overtime.

A. Should             B. ought               C. must                 D. has better

63. Anyone______ have a passport, even a visa when travelling all around the world.

A. Ought to            B . must              C. should            D. has to

64. In the peak season, travellers_______ book their accommodation in advance.

A. Have to              B. must               C. should            D. ought

65. My car broke down yesterday, so I________catch a taxi to the office.

A. Have to             B. had better                  C. had to            D. has to

66. We______ eat as much fruit as possible in order to get enough vitamins

for our bodies.

A. Had better                B. should                C. ought to             D. All are correct

67. You_____tell anyone what I’ve revealed to you. It’s still a secret.

A. Mustn’t                   B. had better not             C. ought not to         D. don’t have to

68. If you still want to maintain this relationship, you______ behave improperly like that.

A. Ought to not          B. ought not to             C. mustn’t             D. don’t have to

69. When playing or swimming in the pool, children ______ be accompanied by their parents.

A. Should            B. must                   C. don’t have to            D. have to

70. We __________ go to worlcby car. Sky train is a wise choice during rush hour.

A. Ought to           B. mustn’t                    C. shouldn’t              D. have to










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