Unit 10 Healthy Lifestyle and Longevity (Phần I, II, III) – Bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 11


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1. A. sugar B. consume C. trans-fat D. obesity
2. A. vitamin B. mineral C. diet D. fitness
3. A. medicine B. remed C. exercise d. obesity
4. A. balanced B. yoga C. fatty D. natural
5. A. vegetable B. hygiene C. sugary D. longevity
6. A. prevent B. injure C. sugar D. fitness
7. A. healthy B. consume C. diet D. headache
8. A. yoga B. fatal C. immune D. careful
9. A. infectious B. essential C. precaution D. properly
10. A. unhealthy B. vitamin C. mineral D. natural

11. Children often get vaccinated in order to be immune to fatal diseases.

A. Susceptible             B. vulnerable             C. allowed              D. resistant

12. This kind of fruit helps to boost the immune system.

A. Decrease                B. reduce                  C. increase               D. maintain

13. Life expectancy for both men and women has improved greatly in the past twenty years.

A. Living Standard                  B. Longevity

C. Life skills                             D. Lifeline

14. Here are some principles for people to stick to if they want to stay healthy.

A. Rules               B. principals                 C. laws                        D. duties

15. We should consume healthy food and exercise regularly.

A. Store           B. purchase                  C. buy                    D. eat

16. There are several ways to exercise and stay healthy.

A. Apply               B. exploit             C. keep fit                    D. operate

17. We should take prescription medicine only when other methods fail.

A. Decline               B. not succeed              C. break                    D. fall

18. If you take this medicine, you will recover quickly.

A. Get well                B. get on              C. get up                    D. get in

19. The doctor warned his patient not to take too much sugar.

A. Shouted                   B. threatened               C. punished                 D. cautioned

20. In order to stay healthy, make sure you have a balanced intake of vitamins and minerals.

A. Take-off               B. take-away            C. consumption              D. digestion

21. Too much fast food consumption can increase the risk of obesity and heart


A. Being undenveight                            B. being overweight

C. Malnutrition                                       D. fitness

22. A popular way to relieve stress in today’s busy liíestyles is practising meditation.

A. Reduce               B. relax                C. repeat                D. require

23. People can fight infection more easily if they have an adequate diet.

A. Injection                  B. disease                 C. hygiene                 D. each other

24. We should drink a lot of water to prevent water loss.

A. Boost                     B. stimulate               C. avoid                      D. trigger

25. In order to avoid sunburn, many people wear protecting clothes when they go out.

A. Continue              B. encourage         C. facilitate                    D. block

26. Remember to wash your face twice a day with warm water and mild soap to remove dirt.

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A. Light                      B. destructive                 C. strong                 D. protective

27. Squeezing pimples can lead to swelling, redness, and iníection.

A. Falling                B. declining               C. shrinking                    D. becoming bigger

28. Eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetables provides you with vitamins and nutrients.

A. Broad                   B. narrow                        C. limited                  D. certain

29. She gave us some tips for keeping our skin healthy and preventing common skin problems.

A. Particular              B. normal                C. infrequent                 D. accepted

30. Having healthy skin is especially essential to women to maintain their beauty.

A. Trivial                B. meaningless              C. vital                D. contributory

31. If you stare at a Computer screen for too long, it may damage your eyesight.

A. Peep                    B. look                        C. glance                 D. gaze

32. The increase in life expectancy can be attributed to healthier lifestyles, better nutrition, and advances in medical Science and technology.

A. Activities.                 B. advisers                C. delays               D. breakthroughs

33. Mass media have helped to raise people’s awareness of lifestyle choices.

A. Stabilise                  B. reduce                  C. lift                     D. encourage

34. John Keith has been a fitness instructor for more than ten years.

A. Practitioner                 B. trainer                C. learner               D. intern

35. Here are some precautions for us to take when doing different types of physical activities.

A. Safety measures                           B. safety levels

C. Safety rules                                     D. safety factors

36. If you do workout outdoors in the hot and sunny weather, your body can overheat and lose a lot of fluid.

A. Liquid                  B. vitamins                C. minerals                  D. nutrients

37. Losing a lot of íluid can lead to heat stroke.

A. Result from                B. result in                 C. originate               D. be due to

38. You should drink a glass of water before a workout and then pause regularly to drink more.

A. Break up                  B. break down               C. break off                     D. break in

39. You should also exercise early in the morning when it’s not too hot.

A. Have a rest             B. do housework              C. do homework             D. work out

40. Make sure you have warmed up your body by stretching or jumping before swimming.

A. Exercised                                B. put on warm clothes

C. Had a warm bath                  D. rested

41. If you are swimming and lightning strikes, you risk serious injury or death.

A. Trivial                   B. bad                  C. important                D. minor

42. If yoga is not done properly, it can do more harm than good.

A. Socially accepted                       B. morally accepted

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C. Correctly                                      D. easily

43. You need to do some warm-up exercise such as stretching before you start your yoga practice.

A. Remaining              B. declining               C. developing             D. shrinking

44. Stretching will relax your muscles and prevent any damage to your joints.

A. Allow                 B. avoid               C. limit                       D. protest

45. When you walk, don’t look at your feet. This will slow you down and cause back pain.

A. Result in                  B. result from                    C. lead to               D. activate

46. After hundreds of rejections by the employers, I decided that I need to do something about my obesity.

A. Denial                   B. approval                      C. refusal                     D. rebuttal

47. I found a website advertising an effective way to lose weight in one month.

A. Drop                   B. waste                  C. maintain                 D. gain

48. I have followed a special diet and joined a fitness class for overweight people for over six months.

A. Refused                 B. obeyed                   C. adhered to              D. carried on

49. My family totally supported me during my fight against obesity.

A. Aided                B. discouraged              C. assisted               D. promoted

50. I have just received my first job offer after having been unemployed for two years.

A. Got                      B. gained                       C. rejected                    D. acquired

Unit 10 Healthy Lifestyle and Longevity

Unit 10 Healthy Lifestyle and Longevity

67. Hoa reminded Lansome groceries on the way home.

A. Buying                  B. to buying              C. buy                 D. to buy

68. My friend suggested___________ on a yoga course to lose weight.

A. Enrolled               B. enroll                 C. enrolling              D. to enroll

69. Tom and Ken admitted to submit the assignments the day before.

A. To forget                B. to forgetting             C. forget               D. forgot

70. The mother told her two daughters ____________ too much fast food.

A. Not to eat           B. to not eat               C. to eat not                D. not eat

71. The doctor said to Mr Black that if he ate lots of fatty food, he _________ increase his chance of developing heart disease.

A. Will be                 B. will                C. would be               D. would

72. My yoga instructor asked me to close my eyes, breathe slowly and deeply, and________ about my problems.

A. Not thinking            B. to think not              C. not to think           D. not think

73. The patient admitted__________ his doctor’s advice.

A. To not follow                  B. not to following

C. To follow not                  D. to following not

74. Le’s friend suggested __________ some games to relax because they had

studied for three hours.

A. Playing                B. play              C. to play                   D. played

75. Nam’s mother advised ___________some ginger tea if he wants to feel

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A. To him drink             B. to drink him           C. him drink           D. him to drink

76. Lan said that if I wanted to try natural remedies, I ___________find useful

information on the Internet.

A. Will                     B. can                 C. could                    D. am able to

77. Huong told me that if she__________ strong tea, she usually starts feeling dizzy.

A. Drank                B. drinks             C. will drink               D. has drunk

78. Lan’s doctor advised ___________a yoga class to relieve stress.

A. Her taking            B. her take             C. to take her              D. her to take

79. Kim’s father reminded___________ to his fitness class.

A. To him going            B. him go              C. him to go              D. he goes

80. Our ĩitness instructor wamed______ work out more than two hours a day.

A. Us not to                 B. us to not              C. us not                D. not us to

81. Tom’s father told him if he goes to bed on an empty stomach, he _______ be

able to sleep well.

A. Doesn’t                B. won’t              C. wouldn’t                    D. hasn’t

82. My mother warned me that if I work too much and ________rest, I will weaken my immune system.

A. Didn’t                 B. won’t                  C. don’t                        D. wouldn’t

83. Ann’s doctor told her that if she______his advice, her health will be much better.

A. Followed                B. will follow              C. follows               D. would follow

84. My doctor explained that if children _________ enough calcium, they won’t

grow strong and healthy bones.

A. Don’t get                    B. get                 C. got                D. will get

85. Anna said that if she _______ a lot of fast food, she could become ovenweight.

A. Consumes              B. consumed           C. will consume          D. would consume

86. Lan’s father reminded __________ her medicine regularly.

A. To take                B. her take               C. her to take              D. her taking

87. Her yoga instructor insisted _________ those relaxation techniques every day to improve her health.

A. Her practise

B. Her to practise

C. On her practise

D. On her practising

88. My doctor warned me________ out if air pollution levels are very high.

A. Not to go                B. To not go               C. not go                D. go not

89. John apologised__________ his doctor’s instructions.

A. Not for following                     B. for not following

C. To follow                                    D. to not follow

90. The swimming instructor told the children ___________ into the pool.

A. To not jump                B.not jump           C. not to jump         D. not jumping

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