Unit 3 Becoming Independent (Phần I, II, III) – Bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 11


Đang tải…


l. A. lake B. bay C.cane D. lack
2. A. lurk B.luck C. but D. putt
3. A. stopped B. expected C. finished D. faced
4. A. thoughtful B. threaten C. therefore D. thin
5. A. grease B. sympathy C. horse D. rose
6. A. reliable B. independent C. responsible D. decisiveness
7. A. difficult B. confident C. critical D. important
8. A. permission B. well-infonned C. activity D. effective
9. A. routine B. problem C. lonely D. hygiene
10. A. laundry B. punish C. depend D. reason

11. When getting into troubles, Jack never __________ on other people for help. He

always solves them on his own.

A. Detennines            B. influences            C. relies             D. manages

12. He suffered _________ serious depression after losing his beloved pet.

A. In                B. from                   C. with                  D. for

13. It was essential for him to be financially_________ of his parents, so he

decided to find a part-time job.

A. Dependent          B. independent           C. dependable               D. undependable

14. Thanks to many investors, my dream to set up my own trading company came_____.

A. Exactly              B. real                 C. right                    D. true

15. His dedication to the educational charity was truly _______ .

A. Admirable          B. reliable              C. critical                D. disapproving

16. The director informed that no candidates _________ all the criteria for the

administrative position.

A. Completed                  B. fulfilled               C. achieved               D. suited

17. ________ time-management skill is a core requirement for this job.

A. Solving                B. Adapting                   C. Developing                 D. Mastering

18. I was encouraged to _______ for the grandest prize in the dancing competition.

A. Try                    B. strive                  C. reach                    D. achieve

19. We’re punished for not submitting our outline on time as the task _________was too difficult.

A. Assigned               B. done                  C. taken                      D. remmded

20. That Tom is ______of ĩinishing the research project prior to the deadline

satisfied our manager.

A. Able                       B. skillful                C. capable                      D. talented

21. We’ve divided the group report into three parts and you’re ________ for the conclusion one.

A. Responsible                B. irresponsible              C. response                  D. responsive

22. You should make a list of things to do and _______ them if you want to

work effectively.

A. Do               B. arrange                      C. prioritise                   D. approach

23. Despite my parents’ disagreement, I’m __________ to drop out of university and estabỉish my own business.

A. Determined               B. confident              C. successful                 D. All are correct

24. He _________ me about the lecture yesterday. Othenvise, I would have missed

it completely.

A. Demanded                B. approached                C. said                 D. reminded

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25. The government must take ________ action against environmental pollution.

A. Important                  B. unstable                    C. decisive                    D. soft

26. When being assigned difficult exercises, Lan always ________to complete

them without any help from her teacher.

A. Wants                        B.manages                   C. desires                       D. finds

27. Our enterprise is seeking for candidates who are _________ and hard-working.

A. Reliant                   B. reliance                     C. unreliable                   D. reliable

28. ______ communication skill plays an important role in career success.

A. Personal                B. Individual                   C. Interpersonal                D. Interactive

29. In spite of being the new resident in this area, he always tries to ________ with his neighbours.

A. Catch up               B. go in                       C. put up                    D. get along well

30. If you choose to study abroad, you have to live_____from home.

A. On                            B. away                   C. in                            D. up

31. I ’m totally exhausted after having finished successive assignments in only a week.

A. Jobs                B. works                    C. exercises                        D. problems

32. He is truly a reliable friend. He will always be with me and never let me down.

A. Mean                B. independent               C. decisive                 D. dependable

33. At last, Huong made a determimed effort to get a scholarship so that he could have chance to study overseas.

Ạ. Tenacious                B. serious               C. unresolved                D. necessaiy

34. In spite of poverty and dreadíul conditions, they still manage to keep their self-respect.

A. Self-reliant            B. self-restraint             C. self-esteem             D. self-assured

35. All students are revising carefully, for the final test is approaching soon.

A. Going fast               B. reaching fast             C. coming near          D. getting near

36. John is an admirable person as he isn’t influenced by other people’s opinions when making decision to do something.

Ạ. Relied                   B. impacted                C. decided              D. assigned

37. The prom is permitted providing that everyone behaves responsibly.

A. Honestly              B. imperfectly                    C. sensitively               D. sensibly

38. Don’t worry! The answer to this quiz is on the back page.

A. Treatment            B. method               C. solution                 D. way

39. It is lazy of him for not doing his homework every day.

A. Idle                      B. hard                C. busy                    D. diligent

40. The government found it veiy difficult to cope with the rising unemployment.

A. Try                        B. manage             C. reduce               D. increase

41. Nam is considered to be the best student in our class because he’s not only good at leaming but also well-informed about everythíiig around the world.

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A. Perfectly-informed                            B. badly-informed

C. Bad-informed                                     D. ill-informed

42. Tommy was fired owing to his arrogant manner.

A. Humble             B. overconfident               C. superior                D. haughty

43. The maintenance of this company is dependent on international investment.

A. Affective                   B. self-reliant                C. self-restricted                D. reliant

44. With his remarkable ability, Lam can deal with this problem effectively.

A. Uneffectively                        B. ineffíciently

C. Ineffectively                          D. uneffìciently

45. The physical therapy helped Jim overcome his fear of height.

A. Ovenwhelm                  B. control               C. neglect                  D. conquer

46. At first, he was reluctant to help us. However, after persuading for a long time, he agreed to play the guitar at our tea-shop.

A. Hesitate                 B. willing             C. eager                   D. keen

47. Stop being mean to everyone or you’ll have no friends.

A. Unkind                  B. cruel                 C. miserable           D. kind

48. My parents seemed fully satisfied with the result of my entrance exam.

A. Pleased                B. contented           C. disappointed             D.joyful

49. After a long time working incessantly, all my efforts ended in failure.

A. Success                B. collapse              C. breakdown                D. loser

50. This reference book is essential material for us to prepare for the next assignment.

A. Necessary             B. dispensable             C. vital                D. fundamental

51. My parents are glad_______ my success in finding a job after graduation.

A. To see                   B. seeing                  C. see                  D. saw

52. It isn’t ________ for him to take charge of the financial burden on his


A. Boring                 B. expensive            C. easy               D. mind

53. My teacher always gives me advice __________ suitable career in the future.

A. Choosing                B. to choose              C. choose             D. not to choose

54. We’re _________ to announce that you were selected to be our new faculty


A. Happily               B. unhappy                   C. happiness               D. happy

55. It is unnecessary for_______ to do this task. It’s not ours.

A. We                    B. us                 C. they                       D. our

56. She left a message with a request _______ in the contract.

A. Not to sign             B. not sign                C. to not sign            D. don’t sign

57. I found it truly_______ to hear that Mr. Kim had been appointed to the


A. Surprise                  B. surprised               C. surprising                D. surprisingly

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58. Don’t be afraid_________ me if you have any further queries.

A. Not to ask                 B. asking                  C. to asking                      D. to ask

59. It’s_________ for us to submit the project on time as it’s really difficult.

A. Possible                    B. simple                 C. impossible                 D. Both B and c

60. It would be unreasonable _______ him _______you money if you didn’t

pay it back.

A. To expect/lend                 B. to expect/to lend

C. Expect/to lend                  D. expecting/lend

61. His ability_________ mathematics in a short time is wholly admirable.

A. Not to work out                                     B. work out

C. To work out                                           D. working out

62. We’re disappointed________ that our sales have declined sharply in the last

2 months.

A. To hear                  B. to heard                 C. not to hear                      D. hearing

63. After failing many times in _______ a new dish, she made a decision

A. Creating/giving up                                B. to create/to gi ve up

C. to create/give up                                    D. creating/to give up

64. My father made a determined effort___________ a new còmpany.

A. To setting up                              B. to set up

C. setting up                                    D. set up

65. It is________ for him to enjoy the party because he’s fairly busy now.

A. Unlike                  B. likeable             C. likely                  D. unlikely

66. I’m Sony _______ that your enterprise has been declared bankrupt.

A. To hear                           B. for hearing

C. Hear                                  D. All are correct

67. I feel very proud ________ an important part of the English club.

A. To be                 B. of be             C. being                  D. is

68. It is great that you _________ for my organization. I hope you’ll gain more

experience here.

A. To work                  B. working                       C. can work            D. works

69. We appreciated ________ more opportunities ________ part in the

story-telling contest.

A. Giving/to take                        B. to give/taking

C. Given/to take                         D. being given/to take

70. Thank you for your kind offer _______ a dinner at your apartment. It was


A. Having                 B. to have                C. had                   D. have

Unit 3 Becoming Independent

Unit 3 Becoming Independent










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