Unit 4 Caring for Those in Need (Phần I, II, III) – Bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 11


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1. A. deafening B. frightening C. happening D. threatening
2. A. secondary B. complimentary C. vocabulary D. supplementary
3. A. idiot B. idea C. idol D. ideal
4. A. police B. policy C. polite D. pollute
5. A. preferable B. preference C. preterably D. preferential
6. A. disrespectful B. independent C. physically D. understanding
7. A. donate B. impair C. mental D. support
8. A. campaignity B. hearing C. slogan D. talen
9. A. community B. energetic C. enthusiast D. participate
10. A. cognitive B. volunteer C. medical D. physical

11. The Braille alphabet has been one of the greatest_____in human historty.

A. Invention                       B. inventions                  C. inventors            D. inventive

12. Everyone can help the needy by marking a ____to a charity organisation.

A. Donate                          B. donation                   C. doner                  D. donating

13. We couldn’t hear anything because of the ______noise of the drums the next-door neighbours were playing.

A. Deaf                B. deafen                 C. deafening               D. deafness

14. ______ believe that some of the happiest people in the world are those who help to bring happiness to others.

A. Voluntary          B. Voluntarily                C. Volunteer               D. Volunteers

15. During summer holidays, university students are willing to take part in

providing education for children in remote and ______ areas.

A. Mountain             B. mountainous            C. mountaineer           D. mountaineering

16. People with disabilities always need to be ________ after.

A. Asked                 B. cared                           C. looked                     D. taken

17. The lottery winner was willing to spend a considerable sum of money to_____ to charity to help those in need.

A. Give away            B. give in               C. give back                  D. give up

18. The volunteer team _______ students with various visual, hearing, physical and

cognitive impairments everỵ two months to give them both fínancial and spiritual support.

A. Call back                B. call off                C. call on                 D. call out

19. If one wants to take part in volunteer organisations such as Green Summer Camp, Green Saturday Movement, Blood Donor…, he/she will have to______ an application form.

A. Fill in                  B. find out                  C. log on                 D. send off

20. An organisation for Educational Development co-operated with our school to ______ free English classes for the poor in the area.

A. Put away            B. put off                   C. set off                  D. set up

21. Children with cognitive impairments may have ______ in learriing basic skills

like reading, writing, or problem solving.

A. Ability              B. determination                C. difficulty               D. refusal

22. After the visit to that special school, we________ friends with some students with

reading disabilities.

A. Acquainted               B. had                    C. tnade                 D. realised

23. The Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities came into _______ on 3rd May 2008.

A. Action                B. force                      C. truth                         D. reality

24. Elderly housebound patients are often those most in ________ of pharmacy


A. Case                  B. need                       C. time                      D. trouble

25. The Youth Union in our school has decided to launch a/an ________ to raise

funds for local charities.

A. Activity                B. announcement               C. campaign                  D. decision

26. Many experts believe that noise is the main cause of approximately half of all

cases of ______ loss.

A. Cognitive                B. hearing                        C. mental                      D. visual

27. Allowing yơur child to get involved in_________ activities at school is a wise

choice to develop team-working skills, people skills, and more.

A. Academic                  B. Entertaining              C. Extracurricular             D. physica

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28. ASL (American Sign Language), a language that is expressed through the hands

and face and is perceived through the eyes, is every useful for the _______ .

A. Blind                             B. mentally disabled

C. Dump                            D. mentally retarded

29. A hearing aid or deaf aid is a device which is ________ to improve hearing.

A. Designed               B. Designation            C. designing                  D. to design

30. The _______ in that country are waiting for food aid from the UN.

A. Handicapped              B. hungry               C. sick                    D. unemployed

31. He has not developed mentally as much as others at the same age. He’s_______ .

A. Mentally alert                      B. mentally ill

C. mentally retarded              D. mentally restricted

32. One aim of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is to further _____ awareness of disability issues.

A. Raise                      B. rise                   C. increase                   D. pull

33. Traditionally, it was family members within the extended family who fook

______ for elderly care.

A. Advantages           B. Care                    C. responsibility              D. time

34. ______ children get siclc four times as often as children in permanent homes

and also sụffer from anxiety and depression at a higher rate than stably housed children.

A. Ill-educated                  B. Homeless             C. Homely                  D. Weak

35. Talented students with a disability should be helpẹd to become independent,

______ in the society and achieve success at school.

A. Contribute                  B. integrate                 C. involve                  D. sociaỉise

36. Precisely when the first wheeled chairs were invented and used for______ persons is unknown.

A. Disabled                  B. poor                    C. unhappy                    D. unemployed

37. Many students with visual impairments in regular schools cannot participate m

school activities, thereby being left _______ .

A. again                       B. lonely                    C. behind                    D. over

38. Many people who took part in the fight __________ illiteracy considered it an

honourable job to help others.

A. Against                  B. back                        C. for                   D. with

39. The aim of the LIVE project is to train students from developing _________ .

A. Nations                 B. nationalists               C. nationalities             D. nationalism

40. Every donation, regardless of size, helps to rebuild communities that are hit by

natural ______ .

A. Attacks                 B. damages                         C. disasters                 D. issues

Exercise 4. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

41. Young college and university students participate in helping the poor who have suffered badly in wars or natural disasters.

A. Get involved in                                  B. interfere with

C. join hands                                          D. come into

42. They give care and comfort to the disadvantaged and handicapped children and help them to get over difficulties.

A. Accept                     B. face                    C. overcome                  D. take

43. At first, there was a lot of opposition from the parents of the disabled children as they were not under the impression that their children could learn anything at all.

A. Didn’t believe                     B. didn’t report

C. Didn’t declare                     D. didn’t support

44. Every year, the United Nations set up an activity to call for world-wide support for the rights and well-being of disabled people.

A. Apply for                   B. ask for                  C. care for                     D. persist in

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45. Thai homeless child would have died if we hadn’t been able to find a suitable blood donor.

A. Giver                            B. maker                 C. taker                     D. sender

46. Sadly, many non-disabled people have negative attitudes toward children with cognitive impairments in deveỉoping countries.

A. Helpless                    B. disappointing

C. Pessimistic                D. positive

47. Little Mạry had a disadvantaged childhood with little education and money.

A. Difficuit                  B. poor                 C. prosperous                D. starving

48. Accorđing to WHO, many disabled people still face challenges, discrimination, poverty, and limited access to education, employment, and healthcare.

A. Controlled             B. inadequate           C. short                   D. unrestricted

49. The theme of the upcoming conference is to remove barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all.

A. Abolish                   B. stick to                 C. get rid of                D. keep

50. Mast of these children come from large and poor families, which prevent them from having proper schooling.

A. Convenient               B. desired              C. inappropriate               D. useful

51. Last Sunday, the Youth Union __________ a campaign to help students with


A. Has launched                    B. launched

C. Was launched                   D. was launching

52. Recently, a gang of enterprising New Zealanders __________ an incredible

scheme to raise awareness of depression and mental health issues.

A. Has introduced                       B. had introduced

C. Introduced                               D. was introduced

53. Last Sunday, Texas-based game-fans The Speed Gamers _________in a charity

activity to donate money to relief organisations.

A. Have participated                        B. participated

C. Had participated                          D. were participating

54. The Real Life Super Hero Project is a gathering of men and women who ________

forces to better their community.

A. Have joined                   B. are joining               C. will join D. are joined

55. The famous physicist Albert Einstein _________ for a $1 to $5 donation before

scribbling his name on a piece of parchment, and _______ every cent to various charities.

A. Asked/donated                                 B. had asked/donated

C. Has asked/donated                         D. asked/donating

56. Former special education teacher Ashman, 74,___________ involved in fundraising 20 years ago.

A. Got                    B. has got                C. had got                      D. has been getting

57. When his mum_____ , he ____ that, as well as enjoying doing it, he ______

to give something back to the Dorothy Iỉouse Hospice Care.

A. Had died/decided/has wanted

B. Died/has decided/has wanted

C. Died/decided/wanted

D. Died/decided/had wanted

58. This year, so far, we ______ £16,000 and are still counting.

A. Are raising            B. have been raised                 C. have raised            D. raised

59. Hughes, 26, a sports therapist,________ 53 marathons in 53 days in 53 different

UK cities.

A. Completed               B. had completed             C. would complete      D. was complete

60. My plan ______ to raise awareness, especially for young people, of the importance of keeping fit for the past two months.

A. Are                          B. has been                        C. have been                  D. was

61. I’m a keen golfer and I _______three golfing days that_______ £6,000, £8,000

and £5,000 last year.

A. Organised/raised

B. Were organising/raised

C. Have organised/raised

D. Organised/have raised

62. I _______ to help students at a special school twice since I finished grade 11.

A. Have volunteered                       B. Had volunteered

C. Was volunteering                         D. volunteered

63. It is now over seventy years since Lindbergh ________ across the Atlantic.

A. Has been flying                           B. flew

C. Had flown                                     D. has flown

64. Since every penny of the grant______ spent on equipment, we started looking

for volunteers to do the cleaning.

A. Had been                      B. would have been

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C. Have been                     D. was

65. – When will Mary be able to leave hospital?

– Don’t be so impatient. We cannot release her beíbre we ______ the last test.

A. Have completed                  B. will have completed

C. Will complete                        D. completed

66. You should try to follow the lecture without asking questions unless you ______ something important.

A. Wouldmiss               B. will miss               C. had missed            D. have missed

67. Although at that time my knowledge of German was very poor, I _____ most

of what they said about how to help people with mental disorders.

A. Understood                              B. have understood

C. had understood                       D. didn’t understand

68. One thing should be made quite clear: there can’t be any last-minute changes

once the programme __________ approved by all the people involved.

A. Will be                                        B. will have been

C. Has been                                    D. had been

69. Although he was on the whole very suspicious of theprọịect, Mr Adams______ to cooperate.

A. Didn’t promise                     B. promised

C. Has promised                           D. hasn’t promised

70. Even though Lady Sarah was totally opposed to the project, she _________ that it

would increase job opportunities for the local people.

A. Had agreed                         B. agreed            C. was agreed                 D. would agree

71. When he ______ ten years old, Louis Braille ________ the National Institute for

the Blind in Paris.

A. Was/entered                        B. was/was entering

C. Was/was entered                D. was/would enter

72. “How many aid packages_______ so far?” – “Ten”.

A. Do you prepare                      B. did you prepare

C. Have you prepared               D. had you prepared

73. In over ten years, he_______ more than 100 bicycles to needy students in

Central Viet Nam.

A. Gave                  B. has given              C. has been given              D. hasbeen giving

74. Tan _______ the idea of giving sweaters and warm clothes to the poor just a

couple of weeks ago, shortly after the beginning of the rainy season.

A. Came up with                             B. comes up with

C. has come up with                      D. was coming up with

75. In the past, health care in some rural areas of this country_______ by only a small

number of doctors and nurses.

A. Is provided                  B. provided           C. provides                D. wasprovided

76. Never ________ more people ________ in charity work than now.

A. Do/participate                      B. did/participate

C. Have/participated               D. had/participated

77. Neither Phillips nor his brothers ________ to school because their fatheí

teaches them at home.

A. Have never been                        B. has ever been

C. Have ever been                           D. ever went

78. Not until we ______ the school for children with disabilities how they

overcome difficulties.

A. Had visited/did we know                B. visited/had we known

C. Visited/did we know                        D. Have visited/did we know

79. The boy ______across the narrow canal in ten minutes to find himself out of


A. Swum                    B. was swum                    C. swam                 D. had swam

80. A group of young Vietnamese in the north-central province of Nghe An_____ a free bread box dedicated to poor blue-collar workers.

A. Have set up             B. sets up                C. had set up                D. have been setting up

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