Unit 5 Being Part of ASEAN (Phần I, II, III) – Bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 11


Đang tải…


1. A. athlete B. Capital C. stalk D. talent
2. A. emblem B. member C. regret D. theme
3. A. August B. gerund C. purpose D. suggest
4. A. dream B. mean C. peace D. steady
5. A. consist B. disable C. suggest D. vision
6. A. assistance B. confident C. dynamic D. extemal
7. A. academic B. behaviour C. participate D. relationship
8. A. charter B. depict C. enter D. purchase
9. A. athlete B. continue C. principle D. regional
10. A. competition B. fundamental C. interference D. stability

11. The govemment’s interference in the strike has been widely criticised.

A. Disapproval            B. intervention               C. limitation              D. postponement

12. The emblem of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations was designed basing on rice – the most important crop for the Southeast Asian people.

A. Banner                   B. logo                 C. motto                      D. slogan

13. The scholarship is renewed annually and may be stopped if the students have poor academic records or bad behaviours.

A. Every day                  B. every month             C. every week                D. every year

14. In Thailand, it’s against the law to litter on the pavement. If you are caught, you can be fined up to $2000 Baht.

A. Evil                    B. illegal                          C. immoral                    D. wrong

15. The beautiful sights in Sa Pa, Mui Ne and Ha Noi all contribute to the country’s magic charm.

A. Beauty                   B. fame                   C. image                       D. value

16. ASEAN organised different projects and activities to integrate its members.

A. Combine                B. interest                C. separate                       D. upgrade

17. The major shortcoming of ASEAN as an organisation is íhe inability to go through many declarations, agreements, and instniments that they have proliferated over the years.

A. Advantage                    B. benefit               C. drawback                     D. success

18. We have achieved considerable results in the economic field, such as high economic growth, stability and significant poverty alleviation over the past few years.

A. Achievement              B. development            C. prevention               D. reduction

19. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Viet Nam adopted a resolution to ha ve ‘more friends and fewer enemies’.

A. Breakdown                B. decrease                     C. establish                  D. increase

20. He had dominated racing this year with six victoriesin seven starts.

A. Overexcited             B. overreacted         C. ovenwhelmed               D. overshadowed

21. It’s often hard to find the ‘right time’ to approach someone about a delicate issue, as well as being difficult to say the words you need to say.

A. Sensitive             B. significant              C. unconscious                D. unfamiliar

22. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, was established on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand, with Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, joining hands initially.

A. Basically                B. firstly                     C. lastly                   D. offĩciaIly

Exercise 4. Mark the letter A, B, c, or D to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

23. Our survey also found that 75 per cent of those quizzed knew three or more of their neighbours.

A. Interviewed                       B. asked                 C. replied                       D. examined

24. Viet Nam and Laos will closely cooperate to strengthen the solidarity of

ASEAN and enhance the vital role of the group in regional security structure.

A. Agreement                     B. cooperation              C. separation            D. fellowship

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25. Her graceful performance of this traditional art form in the evening session was a real source of pleasure.

A. Attractive                        B. effortless                  C. inelegant             D. sophisticated

26. Viet Nam is famous for World Heritage Sites like Ha Long Bay and Hoi An Ancient Town.

A. Honoured                         B. popular                  C. well-known               D. unknown

27. The country’s continued prosperity is dependent on the opportunities and

achievements of all its residents.

A. Poverty               B. inflation                       C. insecurity                  D. wealth

28. The colour white Symbolises a lot of things, and one is that it represents purity and innocence.

A. Cleanness                 B. immorality            C. honesty                       D. guiltlessness

29. All countries are obliged to maintain stabiỉity and peace in the world, because instability brings undesired effects.

A. Certain                       B. foreseen               C. negative                       D. positive

30. Many people afraid that the victory of us president-elect Donald Trump might affect stability in Asia, more specifically in the ASEAN region.

A. Failure                       B. insecurity              C. poverty                     D. weakness

31. The 28th and 29th ASEAN Summits opened in Vientiane, Laos, late on Tuesday on the theme of “Tuming Vision into Realily for a Dynamic ASEAN Community”,

A. Energetic                     B. inactive               C. innovative                D. productive

32. Amanita argued that Indonesia would continue to play a role in maintaining peace and promoting democratisation in ASEAN.

A. Assisting                      B. lessening              C. preserving                 D. upholding

33. Southeast Asian regionalism served to enable the member-states to focus primarily on their domestic affairs.

A. External                       B. interaal                 C. local                           D. national

34. The Prince Wilỉiam made a brief working visit to Viet Nam from 17th – 18th

November 2016, attending the IWT Conference which was hosted in Ha Noi.

A. Lasting                        B. public                   C. short                         D. secret

35. ASEAN includes ten member states, but may get bigger because other countries

have applied to join the _________ .

A. Bloc                     B. group                    C. gang                      D. troop

36. The_________ is a legal agreement among the ten ASEAN member states.

A. Charter                 B. motto                  C. policy                    D. principle

37. The Japanese Government _________ 20 scholarships for international students

coming from ASEAN inember countries to study in Japan.

A. Affords                    B. demands                C. offers                  D. provides

38. The 28th and 29th ASEAN Summits will be _____ at the National Convention Centre under the Chairmanship of Lao PDR.

A. Carried                 B. conducted                 C. held                         D. taken place

39. The ASEAN charter entered into __________after ten members signed it.

A. Action                  B. force                       C. influence                           D. order

40. Each deputy should be ___________ for one ASHAN community council,

supported by a team of competent and able lawyers.

A. Blamed                  B. capable                        C. in charge              D. responsibỉe

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41. Vietnamese athletes compete regionally and intemationally and_________ high

ranks in many sports.

A. Hold                    B. keep                          C. mark                         D. score

42. Not all the winners will receive great prizes, but nobody leaves_________

A. Blank-handed                    B. clear-handed

C. Empty-handed                     D. white-handed

43. I______ good about the race’s outcome.

A. Am                      B. feel                         C. look                          D. were

44. Do you ________ they will win?

A. Believe                     B. involve               C. promise                         D. suggest

45. I think the teacher was ________ with my speech.

A. Appreciated                   B. involved               C. measured              D. satisfied

46. I still________ a lot of money on my student loans.

A. Consist                          B. deserve                       C. involve                          D. owe

47. Lao PDR stands _______ Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

A. By                               B. for                              C. on                             D. with

48. ASEAN _________ of ten Southeast Asian countries, namely: Brunei,

Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam.

A. Consists                       B. contains                   C. includes                    D. involves

49. The member states will act in accordance _________the law to set out in various

ASEAN instruments.

A. For                               B. of                            C. to                               D. with

50. The 28th and 29th ASEAN Summits will focus________ efforts to build the

ASEAN Community.

A. At                               B. for                                C. in                            D. on

51. It is no use ____ a girl that she doesn’t need to lose any weight.

A. Convince                B. convincing             C. to convince                D. to convincing

52. I have much homework that I ought______ .

A. Do                         B. to doing                     C. doing                      D. to do

53. She did a funny little curtsy which Josh and Silver couldn’t help __________at.

A. Laugh                 B. laughing                   C. to laugh                   D. to laughing

54. We are looking forward ______ out at the weekend.

A. Go                      B. going                    C. to go                         D. to going

55. You should give up ____ your sister.

A. Being bullied                          B. bullied

C. Bullying                                   D. to bully

56. She is used ____ to loud music.

A. Listen                     B. listening                     C. to listen                    D. to listening

57. I’m in a difficult position. What do you advise me __________ ?

A. Do                           B. doing                         C. to do                        D. to doing

58. It’s a nice day. Does anyone fancy _________ for a walk?

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A. Having gone                    B. going                   C. to go                  D. went

59. I wish that dog would stop _________ . It’s driving me mad.

A. Bark                        B. barking                C. being barked                  D. to bark

60. He never says anything that is worth ______ to.

A. Listen                    B. listening                   C. to listen                  D. to listening

61. Carol’s parents always encouraged her _________ hard at school.

A. Being studied                             B. study

C. Studying                                      D. to study

62. They promised _______ me _____ for the party.

A. To help/prepare                           B. to help/preparing

C. Helping/preparing                        D. helping/to prepare

63. All __________ were asked to list all the members of ASEAN that they could

think of in a one-minute period.

A. Participates               B. participations                C. participants             D. participating

64. We will create a stable, prosperous and highly _____ ASEAN Economic community.

A. Compete                       B. competition                   C. competitor                  D. competitive

65. Unfortunately, the solution to this probỉem is neither simple nor______.

A. Economy                  B. economic                  C. economical             D. economically

66. The members meẹt once a week to develop and adopt proposals on new_________

and legislation.

A. Policy                    B. politic                        C. political                           D. politician

67. The children grew up with deep ________ for their parents.

A. Respect                B. respecting           C. respectful                     D. respectability

68. As an ASEAN member, Viet Nam has actively participated in the group’s

programs and has also created new ________ and cooperation mechanisms.

A. Initiatives                      B. initiates               C. initiations                 D. initiators

69. Over the past decade, Viet Nam-ASEAN ________ have been growing fast in all

areas, particularly in politics and the economy.

A. Relates                     B. relatives                C. relations                D. relationships

70. With a population of over 237 million peopỉe, Indonesia is the world’s fourth

most _____ country.

A. Popular                     B. popularly              C. populous                    D. unpopular

71. She apologised ______ waiting so long.

A. For keeping me                   B. for me          C. for me keeping             D. to me for

72. Her mother prevented her _______ going out tonight.

A. About                   B. against                   C. at                      D. from

73. She insisted ______ talking to her lawỵer.

A. In                   B. for                         C. on                          D. of

74. He is not good _______maths. He is incapable _______ calculating.

A. At – of                 B. for – of                  C. on – for                    D. on – of

Unit 5 Being Part of ASEAN

Unit 5 Being Part of ASEAN

Unit 5 Being Part of ASEAN




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