Unit 5 Being Part of ASEAN (Phần IV, V, VI) – Bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 11


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91. “It’s so stuffy in here.” – “ _______ ”

A. Do I have to open the window?

B. Must I open the window?

C. Shall I open the window?

D. Would you like to open the window ?

92. “Merry Christmas!” – “ ______”

A. Happy Christmas to you!

B. Same for you!

C. The same to you!

D. You are the same!

93. “I will pick you up around 7:30. The movie starts at 8:00.” – “ ______ ”

A. No, you don’t.

B. OK. See you then.

C. I don’t like waiting.

D. Thanks, no big deal.

94. “ ______ going on a picnic this weekend?” – “That’s great!”

A. How about              B. Let’s             C. Why don’t we                D. Would you like

95. “Mr Green had an accident. He’s been in hospital for a week.” – “ _______ ”

A. How terrific.

B.Oh, is he?

C. Poor it.

D.Poor him.

96. “Do you really think that I should take the job?” – “ _______ Trust me. Take it.

What do you have to lose?”

A. I doubt so.            B. I don’t think so.          C. I hope so.                 D. I know so.

97. “Do you fancy a drink?” – “_____ ”

A. No, everything is OK.

B. Oh! Of course not.

C. Sure, let’s go and get one.

D. Wow! I am so excited.

98. “What are you doing here, Tom? Do you want to join us?” – “ ________ Please

continue. I’m just Corning to fmd my stuff.”

A. Don’t mind me.                       B. Don’t worry.

C. Not at all.                                  D. Not to mention.

99. “Take the second turning on the left and then go straight ahead until you see the

cinema on the right.” – “ _______ Thanlcs.”

A. I agree with you.                           B. I don’t think so.

C. I have got that.                               D. It makes sense.

100. “Do you mind if I turn on the volume?” – “ ______ ”  .

A. I don’t think so.                            B. I’m sorry, but you have to.

C. No, please go ahead.                    D. Of course, you can’t.

101. “Would you mind if I smoked?” – “ _______ ”

A. Don’t mention it.               B. I’d rather you didn’t.

C. Mind your head!                D. You don’t want to.

102. “Let’s have a pizza.” – “ _______ ”

A. It doesn’t matter.                     B. Not at all.

C. Not really.                                  D. Sure thing!

103. “It’s freezing outside! What happened to the weather report? I thought this

cold front was supposed to pass.” – “Yeah, _______ ”

A. I agreed with you.                                B. I thought so too.

C. That’s good point.                                 D. You are right.

104. “Let’s play Scrabble! I’m really good at spelling, too!” – “Oh, yeah?__________ ”

A. Does that make sense?                     B. I can’t believe in that.

C. I worry about it.                                   D. We’ll see about that!

105. ‘I’m really excited for Aunt Mary’s surprise birthday party this afternoon!

Aren t you?” – ______ ”

A. Oh! I didn’t know she was older.

B. Really? What happened next?

C. Uh-huh! What then?

D. Yeah! How old is she?

Asia’s economic, political and cultural importance is growing (106)_______ a never-before seen rate. Take China, for example: In terms of purchasing power,

China is now the largest (107) ______ of the Wờrld, having recently (108) ______

over the crown from the long time leader United. States. Understanding the fundamental structural changes in the global economy and having studied abroad in Asia is a huge asset on your (109) _______ when competing for jobs.

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(110)_____ the increasing importance of the continent, many International companies are expanding to Asia and need (111)___________ with experience in

Asian markets and culture. To get a (112) _________ of the action and business

ideas flowing from Asia, visit Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’s (APEC) website.

One of the most important variabỉes behind the miracle of the speed of growth

and recovery in the Asian economies is the (113)_________ of education. The

competition for top schooỉs and universities starts from a very early

(114) ____ . The point of education in Asia is to equip people to become

productive members of their gi ven societies as (115) _________ as equip the

students with the skills and mentality to be (116) ______ to successfully compete

against the masses of other applicants. Asian students and schools receive continuously top marks in international rankings. This has been directly (117) ________ in the success stories of several Asian countries.

Source: http://www.asiaexchange.org

106. A. at B. by C. on D. with
107. A. economic B. economical C. economically D. economy
108. A. came B. passed C. kicked D. taken
109. A. summary B. profile C. resume D. requirement
110. A. Aỉthough B. Because C. Despite D. Due to
111. A. employees B. employers C. employment D. unemployment
112. A. glance B. glimpse C. Look D. view
113. A. quality B. qualification C. quantity D. quantification
114. A. age B. period C. semester D. year
115. A. far B. long C. much D. well
116. A. able B. capabie C. disable D. unable
117. A. allowed B. influenced C. provided D. reflected

The 22nđ Southeast Asian Games were held in Viet Nạm from the 5th to 13th

December, 2003. Although it was the first time Viet Nam hosted such a big

sports event, the Games were a great success. The Games really became a

festival that impressed sports enthusiasts with its spirit: solidarity, co-operation

for peace and development.

Athletes from 11 participating countries competed in 32 sports, and 444 gold medals were won. Some teams such as table tennis, badminton, karate, volleyball, basketbalỉ and wrestling were composed of top competitors in the region. Many Games records were close to international levels. Viet Nam won 158 gold medals to finish at the top of the Southeast Asian Games medal standings. Thailand ranked second with 90 golds, and Indonesia was third with only 55 golds. Singapore and Viet Nam were the two nations which had participants who were presented with the Most Outstanding Athlete titles in the Swimming and Shooting events. The Vietnamese Women’s Football team successfully defended the SEA Games title. Viet Nam and Thailand played in the Men’s Football Final. The Thai Team won the gold medal. In other sports such as karate, athletics, bodybuilding and wushu, the young and energetic Vietnamese athletes performed excellently and won a lot of goỉcl medals.

Viet Nam’s first place finish was not surprising. Firstly, to prepare for the 22nd SEA Games, Viet Nam carried out an intensive programme for its athletes, which included training in facilities, both home and abroad. Secondly, with the strong support of their countrymen, the Vietnamese athletes competeđ in high spirits. The country’s success has proved that Viet Nam can organise sporting events on an international level. A plan has been proposed for Viet Nam to host the Asia Sports Games at some point in the future.

Source: http://www.vittiengcmh.com

118. It can be inferred from the passage that ________ .

A. Viet Nam can organise sporting events better than other countries

B. Viet Nam had already planned for the next Sea Games in the future

C. Viet Nam prepared its athletes well for the 22nd SEA Games

D. Viet Nam protected its first place in SEA Games competition.

119. The word “title” in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to_________ .

A. Power                    B. label                    C. headline                  D. trophy

120. According to the passage, what is NOT true about the 22nd Southeast Asian Games?

A. There were 11 countries participating in.

B. Many athletes had broken the world records.

C. Indonesia ranked higher than Singapore.

D. Vietnamese Women’s Football team won gold medal.

121. The word “intensive” in paragraph 3 has OPPOSITE meaning to___________ .

A. Delicate                B. flexible                 C. sensitive                     D. vigorous

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122. What is the writer’s main purpose in writing this passage?

A. To explain the reasons why 22nd Sea Games was organised in Viet Nam.

B. To express the writer’s love and how mũch he is proud of the country’s success.

C. To introduce top competitors in the region and their ranking in the Games.

D. To show Vietnamese’s ability in organising international sporting events.

When Malaysia takes the ASEAN chair next year, it will face a huge challenge. Too few of us know enough about this grouping we call the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. We do not know what it means to be a part of ASEAN and why it is important to us. At the same time, pressure is mounting to reinvent ASEAN to make it more people-centric and less government-centric. The Heat speaks to Global Movement of Moderates CEO Saifuddin Abdullah on why ASEAN should mean more to us than just acronyms.

ASEAN people do not feel like they are a part of the community of Southeast Asian nations. This statement, backed up by survey findings, is pretty bizarre, and extremely hurtful too, considering that ASEAN is 47 years old today. “Interview 10 persons on the Street and you would perhaps get only one of them who knows about ASEAN,” says Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah. This CEO of Global Movement of Moderates (GMM) is not running down ASEAN; he’s confronting the truth as it impacts the project he has been entrusted with. Here’s more, in 2012, the ASEAN Secretariat conducted a survey that showed only 34% of Malaysians had heard of the ASEAN community. This compares with 96% of Laotians. Malaysia chairs ASEAN next year, and GMM is a member of the national steering committee organising the ASEAN People’s Forum (APF), a platíbrm designed to bridge the gap between governments and civil society. Never heard of it? You’re forgiven.

The APF actually started off life in the 1990s, except it was called the ASEAN People’s Assembly (APA). It was held back to back with the ASEAN Summit, which is held twice a year. The APA is the forum where 10 leaders of government engage with 10 leaders of civil society in a half-hour meeting. “It was going well until one year when the chairman decided not to hold the APA, so it was discontinued until 2005 when Malaysia took the chairmanship of ASEAN again and founded the ASEAN People’s Forum (APF),” Saifuddin explains. In a perfect world, forums such as the APF or its predecessor APA would have worked perfectly to bridge the gap between government and civil society.

However, as Saifuddin points out, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) oíten do not see eye to eye with their governments. For instance this year, Myanmar is chair of ASEAN and in the APF, three member nations – including Malaysia – decided not to recognise the CSO leaders chosen as representatives so the APF did not take place. “This is where the GMM wants to play a role in ensuring that this situation does not arise again,” Saituddin says.

Source: http://www.gmomf.org

123. According to the passage, in 1990s, APF was called __________ .

A. ASEAN People’s Assembly

B. ASEAN People’s Forum

C. Civil Society Organisations

D. Global Movement of Moderates

124. The word “acronyms” in paragraph 1 probably means .

A. Abbreviations                B. antonyms           C. enlargements               D. synonyms

125. The phrase “backed up” in paragraph 2 has similar meaning to __________ .

A. Concluded                    B. introduced                  C. proved                D. supported

126. According to the passage, Datuk Saiíuddin Abdullah was CEO of ____________ .

A. APA                      B. APF                   C. CSOs                        D. GMM

127. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the APF according to the passage?

A. APF consists of 20 leaders.

B. APF is held every two years.

C. APF is reorganised in 2005.

D. APF lasts for 30 minutes.

128. The phrase “bridge the gap” in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to __________ .

A. Avoid the conflict

B. Break down the wall

C. Build a strong relation

D. Narrow the difference

129. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?

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A. Discontinuing APF led to conílict between govemment and civil society.

B. Laotians show more interest in politics than Malaysians.

C. The APA was held twice a year until 2005.

D. CSOs do not always agree with their governments

130. Which of the following would serve as the.best title for the passage?

A. How important was the ASEAN People’s Forum?

B. Who is going to be the ASEAN chair next year?

C. What does it mean to be a part of ASEAN?

D. Why do GMM play an important role in ASEAN?

131. I said that she should see a doctor.

A. I adviseđ her seeing a doctor.

B. I advised her should see a doctor.

C. I advised her to see a doctor.

D. I advised to see a doctor.

132. Ireland doesn’t allow people to smoke in bars.

A. Ireland doesn’t enjoy smoking in bars.

B. Ireland hates smoking in bars.

C. Smoking in bars is banned in Ireland.

D. You should not smoke in bars in Ireland.

133. Working on the computer is not what she feels like.

A. She doesn’t feel like work on the Computer.

B. She doesn’t feel like working on the Computer,

C. She doesn’t feel like to work on the Computer.

D. She doesn’t feel like to working on the Computer.

134. Califomià doesn’t pennit people to fish without a fishing license,

A. California can’t stand fishing without a fishing license.

B. California doesn’t allow tìshing without a fishing license.

C. California doesn’t encourage íĩshing without a fishine license.

D. California doesn’t mind fishing without a fishing license.

135. “Why don’t we go for a walk?” Mary said.

A. Mary advised to go for a walk.

B. Mary asked going for a walk.

C. Mary suggested going for a walk.

D. Mary would like going for a walk.

136. Eveiyone was all so afraid. Nobody dared to speak anything.

A. Everyone was too afraid to dare to speak anything

B. Everyone was afraid enough to not to speak anything.

C. Everyone was such afraid that nobody speak anything.

D. Nobody was not afraid enough to dare to speak anything.

137. We cannot create a rule-based ASEAN. We don’t have means of drafting,

inteipreting and enforcing rules.

A. Having means of drafting, interpreting and enforcing rules, it is impossible to create a rule-based ASEAN.

B. It is impossibỉe to create a rule-based ASEAN community with means of drafting, interpreting and enforcine; rules.

C. Not having means of draíting, interpreting and enforcing rules, we are unable to create a rule-based ASEAN.

D. To have means of draftiníỊ, interpreting and enforcing rules, we are able to create a rule-based ASEAN

138. Indonesia was influenced by Chinese, European, Indian, and Malay cultures.

It is a widely diverse nation with over 300 ethnic groups.

A. To iníluence by Chinese, European, Indian, and Malay cultures, Indonesia is a widely diverse nation with over 300 ethnic groups.

B. To be in Auenced by Chinese, European, Indian, and Malay eultures, Indonesia is a widely diverse nation with over 300 ethnic groups.

C. Influencins; by Chinese, European, Indian, and Malay cultures, Indonesia is a widely diverse nation with over 300 ethnic groups.

D. Being inf!uenced by Chinese, European, Indian, and Malay cultures, Indonesia is a widely diverse nation vvith over 300 ethnic groups.

139. You come to Ha Noi. You are offered a large number of must-see tourist sites.

A. Come to Ha Noi, you are offered a large number of must-see tourist sites.

B. Corning to Ha Noi, you are offered a large number of must-see tourist sites.

C. Having come to Ha Noi, you are offered a large number of must-see tourist


D. To come to Ha Noi, you are offered a large number of must-see tourist sites.

140. There isn’t a culture of respecting and following the rule. The ASEAN

community’s present goal cannot be achieved.

A. Even though there isn’t a culture of respecting and following the rule, the ASEAN community’s present goal cannot be achieved.

B. Not being a culture of respecting and following the rule, the ASEAN community’s present goal cannot be achieved.

C. Owing to the a culture of respecting and following the rule, the ASEAN community’s present goal cannot be achieved.

D.The ASHAN community’s present goal cannot be achieved unless there is a culture of respecting and following the rule.




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