Unit 6 Global Warming (Phần I, II, III) – Bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 11


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1. A. genius B. gorilla C. global D. gases
2. A. pollution B. poaching C. physical D. pesticide
3. A. warming B. warn C. walk D. wasn’t
4. A. floor B. flood C. moorland D. door
5. A. increase B. release C. please D. grease
6. A. campaign B. global C. balance D. carbon
7. A. natural B. endangered C. dangerous D. habitat
8. A. rainforest B. tropical C. discover D. animal
9. A. pollution B. continue C. enormous D. disappear
10. A. devastated B. environment C. diversity D. ecology

11. We need to cut down on the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

A. Intake                   B. retake                  C. uptake               D. discharge

12. Land erosion is mainly caused by widespread deforestation.

A. Afforestation             B. refbrestation           C. logging               D. lawn mowing

13. In the past, a lot of countries denied having contributed to global warming.

A. Agreed                    B. refuted                   C. approved                  D. avoided

14. Most people admit that they contribute to global warming.

A. Be partly responsible for                    B. disapprove

C. Neglect                                                   D. cause

15. We must admit that people are heavily polluting the environment.

A. Decline                   B. rebut                 C. deny                D. accept

16. In the polluted environment, infectious diseases can be passed easily from one person to another.

A. Fatal               B. safe                C. contagious                D. immune

17. Global warning has severe impact on water supplies.

A. Very good                 B. very bad               C. normal               D. long-lasting

18. Global warming occurs when the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trap the heat from the sun.

A. Catch                 B.discharge               C. dispose                  D. release

19. Such unhygienic conditions encourage the spread of diseases.

A. Decline                B. stability               C. decrease                  D. increase

20. Deforestation is one of the biggest environmental threats to the ecological balance in the world.

A. Sureties                 B.certainties                     C. dangers          D. safety

21. As fossil fuel resources are running out, it is important for the government to fínd some types of alternative energy.

A. Irreplaceable             B. substitute           C. impossible              D. practical

22. Local people have cut down the íbrests to make way for farming.

A. Allow farming to take place

B. Lose way in farming

C. Have a way of farming

D. Give way to farming

23. Because farmers had been informed about the bad effects of chemical fertilisers, they started using them sparingly on their farms.

A. Carelessly               B.moderately             C. recklessly              D. irresponsibly

24. Global warming is one of the biggest issues facing humans nowadays.

A. Causes                 B. factors             C. concems               D. agreements

25. The biggest cause of global warming is carbon dioxide emissions from coal burning power plants.

A. Fauna               B. flora                C. trees                D. factories

26. Global warming effects on people and nature are catastrophic.

A. Destmctive             B.constructive             C. evaluative               D. Creative

27. Coal buming releases a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

A. Discourages             B. reduces          C. relaxes               D. discharges

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28. The demand for cars is increasing rapidly in the modem world.

A. Need               B.offer                C. reply                   D. discovery

29. Forests absorb and capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

A. Take up                 B.take in               C. take over                  D. take to

30. The process of forests absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere has been disrupted by the current alarming rate of deíòrestation.

A. Discussed              B.discovered             C. disturbed            D. distributed

31. Flood and drought are two major causes of famine.

A. Family                  B.obesity                 C. hygiene              D. hunger

32. Water shortages are likely to delay economic growth and damage ecosystems.

A. Aid                    B. advance                    C. deter                    D. defer

33. It is important to maintain the biological diversity of the rainíbrests.

A. Similarity               B. identity                 C. variety                D. compatibility

34. We may help if we cut down on energy use by using LED lightbulbs and unplug unused electronic devices.

A. Reuse                         B. reduce                   C. recycle                   D. reproduce

35. Reusing and recycling glass, plastic, paper and other Products help to reduce waste and pollution, and conserve natural resources.

A. Preserve                   B. reserve                 C. converse                      D. reverse

36. The thick layer of global warming gases keeps more heat from the sun, which leads to the increase in the earth temperature.

A. Catches                  B. releases                    C. allows                         D. loses

37. Global warming results in climate change and extreme weather patterns.

A. Results from               B. causes                  C. originates                     D. is due to

38. Our city is going to ban supernarkets from using plastic bags.

A. Reduce                 B. encourage                  C. prohibit                 D. allow

39. Many species are threatened with extinction due to deforestation and loss of habitat.

A. Damaged                   B. spoilt                     C. treated                   D. endangered

40. It is important to raise money to help people who have to suffer consequences of global warming.

A. Collect                    B. donate                   C. sponsor                  D. contribute

41. Everyone should remember to switch off the lights before going out.

A. Go off                       B. turn off                    C. take off                   D. log off

42. We may help to control global warming by reducing carbon footprints in our homes.

A. Putting up with                      B. getting down to

C. Cutting down on                     D. going back to

43. Cutting down on energy use is the best way to help reduce global warming.

A. Shrinking               B. Declining               C. Decreasing               D. Increasing

44. We should grow more trees so that they can absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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A. Emit                     B. take in                    C. consume                   D. cut off

45. Releasing too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere can lead to global warming.

A. Result in                B. result from                    C. cause               D. activate

46. Farmers turned to bio-fertilisers after they had been told about the dangers of chemical fertilisers.

A. Trusted               B. disbelieved              C. counted on                  D. depended on

47. The factory owner denied having said that he should take responsibility for the damage that his factory caused to the surrounding environment.

A. Refuted             B. rejected                  C. opposed                  D. accepted

48. Some scientists are accused of not having reported the effects of climate change.

A. Exonerated                  B. blamed             C. charged                  D. complained

49. They were criticised for having acted irresponsibly towards the environment.

A. Blamed                   B. commended             C. condemned              D. denounced

50. The factory was fined for having dumped a huge amount of rubbish in to the river.

A. Pnalised                   B. levied                    C. compensated                D. punished

Unit 6 Global Warming

Unit 6 Global Warming

Unit 6 Global Warming

67. The president of the company officially apologised to the local residents having dumped a large amount of raw sewage in the area.

A. About                      B. with                       C. at                   D. for

68. The factory was accused __________ having caused higher level of pollution

to the environment.

A. About                         B. on                     C. of                      D. for

69. We all admire him _________ having changed both his attitude and behaviours towards the environmental issues.

A. About                     B. for                         C. with                       D. at

70. Human activities are also blamed ___________ having contributed to global


A. For                          B. on                        C. at                        D. with

71. We congratulated him _________ having invented an energy-saving device.

A. For                           B. at                         C. about                 D. on

72. He was criticised_________ not having put the elephant poachers in jail.

A. At                          B. about                       C. for                     D. on

73. His company was punished ____________ not having dumped the rubbish


A. By                          B. for                          C. about                        D. because of

74. The city mayor praised all voluntary students ____________ having cleaned the

playgrounds for the children.

A. For                            B. because of                C. at                        D. due to

75. He thanked us__________ having contributed to cleaning the surrounding


A. On                          B. to                        C. with                        D. for

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76. He was suspected ___________ having received presents from the local

companies and ignored their violations of the environmental law.

A. About                         B. on                      C. of                        D. for

77. Even when arrested, he denied __________ cut down that tree.

A. Has                      B. having                   C. have                       D. have had

78. Those farmers admitted ___________having used more chemical fertilisers than


A. On                        B. about                        C. for                      D. to

79. He forgot ________ promised to cut down on the carbon dioxide emissions

into the atmosphere.

A. To promise               B. have                   C. having                D. had

80. I remembered hạving __________ off the lights before leaving home.

A. Switched             B. switch                 C. switching                D. switches

81. He regretted not__________ registered for military Service last spring.

A. Have                      B. having                C. having had                 D. having done

82. The local residents suspected the autborities __________ having kept the

pollution level secret from the local people.

A. About                      B. on                   C. of                                D. for

83. He denied having polluted the environment,________ no one believed him.

A. However                 B. despite             C. but                     D. in spite of

84. Thank you for having________ the information about global warming.

A. Shared                     B. sharing               C. share               D. shares

85. He regretted __________ killed and eaten several rare species.

A. To have                 B. having                   C. have                     D. has

86. His company was ílned ___________ dumped tons of toxic waste near the

residential area.

A. To have                          B. because of having

C. Forhaving                      D. of having

87. These students were rewarded ____________ actively taken part in voluntary


A. With                  B. bef0re                    C. on having                D. for having

88. She was praised___________ donated a lot of money to the wildlife protection


A. For having                             B. to have

C. Because of having                D. due to having

89. I remember _________ advised you to stop hunting endangered animals.

A. To have                    B. having                    C. have                   D. had

90. The local authorities were blamed ______ignored the pollution issues in the area

A. About having             B. on having             C. for having              D. before having






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