Các động từ bất quy tắc trong tiếng anh


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Các động từ bất quy tắc trong tiếng anh


Một số động từ được gọi là bất qui tắc (irregular) bởi vì chúng không thành lập thì theo một cách thức bình thường.
PRINCIPAL PARTS OF VERBS ( Các dạng của động từ chính)
am was been
arise arose arisen
awake awoke, awakes, awakes, awoken
beat beat beat, beaten
begin began begun
bend bent bent
bid (to offer) bid bid
bind bound bound
bite bit bitten
blow blew blown
break broke broken
bring brought brought
burst burst burst
buy bought bought
catch caught caught
choose chose chosen
climb* climbed climbed
cling clung clung
co me ca me co me
deal dealt dealt

dive dived, dove dived
do did done
drag dragged dragged
draw drew drawn
dream dreamed, dream dreamed, dream
drink drank drunk
drive drove driven
drown  drowned drowned
eat ate eaten
fall fell fallen
fight fought fought
fit fitted, fit fitted, fit
flee fled fled
fling flung flung
fly flew flown
forget forgot forgotten
freeze froze frozen
get got gotten
give gave given
go went gone
grow grew grown
hang hung hung
hang (to put to death) hanged hanged
hear heard heard
hide hid hidden
hold held helcl
keep kept kept
know knew known
lay laid laid
leave left left
lend lent lent 
lie lay lain
lose lost lost
meet met met
pay paid paid
read read read
ride rode ridden
ring rang rung
rise rose risen
run ran run
say said said
see saw seen
set set set
shake shook shaken
shine shone shone
show showed showed, shown
shrink shrank shrunk
sing sang sung
sink sank, sunk . sunk
sit sat sat
speak spoke spoken
spring  sprang sprung
stand stood stood
steal stole stolen
strike struck struck
swear swore sworn
swim swam swum
swing swung swung
take took taken
teach taught taught
tear tore torn
tell told told

think thought thought throw threw thrown
wake waked, woke wake, woken, woke wear wore worn wring wrung wrung write wrote written

TEST 1. Có cách nào bạn biết rõ các động từ bât qui tắc hay không? Ở khoảng trống bên phải/hãy viết thì past tense của mỗi một động từ được cho trong dấu ngoặc đơn. Kiểm tra phần lời giải để chắc chắn rằng bạn đúng.
1. We (begin) the meeting nearly two hours late. 1. began
2. The doorknob (break) when I touche! it. 2.
3. The wildflowers (blow) in the breeze. 3.
4. They (hide) the Easter eggs in the bushes. 4.
5. The witness (think) about his testimony before he answered the jiggle’s question. 5.
6. Are you sure yon (meet) them before today? 6.
TEST 2. Bây giờ hãy viết dạng past participle của mỗi một động từ được cho trong dấu ngoặc đơn. Lưu ỷ rằng có một trợ động từ trước mỗi một past participle.
1. We had (write) several! times before we received an answer to our letter. 1. began
2. I had (teach) high school English for several years. 2.
3. He had (pay) tor his purchases with cash. 3.
4. Arlene had (Scary) earlier that she wanted to go to the fair. 4.
5. The car had (rim) out of gas before we reached the Service station. 5.
6. The little boys had (sit) patiently waiting for their mother. 6.
TEST 3. Hãy gạch dưới bất cứ động từ nào được dùng sai trong những câu sau đây. Sau đóf hãy viết lại các phần đúng ở khoảng trông bên phải.
1. The children sing in the church choir yesterday. 1. sang or had sung
2. Mark ride his bike to the ballpark. 2.
3. To everyone’s Surprise, that small child swim the entire length of the pool. 3.
4. Fortunately, no exchange take place in the market. 4.
5. Jeffrey ring the doorbell at his aunt’s house. 5.
6. Jayne choose a biography for her report. 6.
Bài Tập
Đề 1. Trong khoảng trống bên phải, hãy viết thì past tense của mỗi một cìộng từ dược cho trong dấu ngoặc cĩơn.
1. I (drive) to Colorado last weekencl for a ski trip. 1.
2. (Do) yogi see any famous movie stars when you were in Hollywood? 2.
3. As Wanda was running down the hall, she (fall). 3.
4. The audience (give) her a standing ovation. 4.
5. We (tee) indoors when we heard the thunder. 5.
6. He swore that he (keep) it a secret from the others. 6.
7. After the washer broke, she (wring) the clothes by hand. 7.
8. Dad said he (pay) the ticket agent. 8.
9. The picture was so great that I (show) it to
my friends. 9.
10 His performance (steal) the show. 10.
11 I just (see) her yesterday at the theater. 11.
12. As soon as Burt was called, he (come) to the office. 12.
13 Marie’s mother never (think) her daughter would become a doctor. 13.

14. After months of not receiving payment, we (hire) a lawyer. 14.
1 5. They (forget) to set their clocks ahead and were late for class. 15.
1 6 The children (draw) pictures of their favorite animals. 16.
1 7. Marcy believed she (lose) her wallet in the parking garage. 17.
18. After working 1 2 hours, he (leave) for home. 18.
19. Hank (lay) the book on the counter. 19.
20. We all (rise) when the faculty members entered the room. 20.
2. Trong khoảng trống bên phải, hãy viết past participle của mỗi một động từ được cho trong dấu ngoặc đơn. Lưu ý rằng có một trợ động từ cho mỗi past participle.
1. The work was (do) by noon. 1.
2. The trees had (grow) tall in the five years since they had planted them. 2.
3. Otis parents had (eat) dinner by the time we arrived home. 3.
4. They had (give) away their outgrown clothes. 4.
5. The play had (begin) about an hour ago. 5.
6. I think she had (bite) off more than she could chew. 6.
7. The couple had (met) several years earlier. 7.
8. The men had (fight) against the ruling. 8.
9. The student had (see) her grades before the teacher posted them. 9.
10. Are yogi sure you have (wear) this dress before? 10.
11. I have (stand) in that spot before. 11.
12. Jessica did not remember how she had (tear) the fabric. 12.
1 3. Brenda had (take) the contracts to the lawyer herself. 13.
14. My mother had (teach) me how to spell before I entered school. 14.
15. We had (say) before that they could do it. 15.
16. Had yogi (know) about the staff changes? 16.  
1 7. Sam had (keep) a complete record of his time and expenses. 17.
18. The temperature had (fall) drastically before the storm. 18.
Đề 3. Gạch dưới bất cứ cách dùng động từ bất qui tắc nào sai trong những câu sau đây. Sau đó hãy viết lại cách dùng đúng trong khoảng trống bên phải.
1. Several people have fell on the wet cement. 1.
2. Has Jamie already went to the airport? 2.
3. The professor has gave me all the assignments I care to do. 3.
4. The meeting had began by the time we arrived. 4.
5. Yes, we had came earlier, but no one was here yet. 5.
6. The furniture that he has chose will be just fine for the living room. 6.
7. Did you knew about the meeting this afternoon? 7.
8. I think we should have wrote to our cousins saying we would be arriving at noon. 8.
9. Most of us had keep the ticket stubs as souvenirs. 9.
10. After working late, Todd had went to sleep. 10.
11. Richard leave the garage door open all night. 11.
12. No, I had not see that article in the journal. 12.
13. The carpenters had took the tools from the van. 13.
14. Our stockbroker buy 200 shares of Anytime Telephone stock for us. 14.
1 5. The supervisors flied first class when they traveled to Europe. 15.
16. Dave drive to the airport to meet the clients. 16.
17. Did Mrs. Harrison knew about the promotions? 17.
18. I wake several minutes before the alarm. 18.
19. She draw a sketch of the lake. 19.
20. Our parents had bring us souvenirs. 20.
Đề 4. Gạch dưới bất cứ cách dùng động từ bất qui tắc nào sai trong các câu sau đây. Sau đó hãy viết lại các phần đúng ở chỗ trông bên phải. Nếu một câu đúng, hãy viết OK.
1. The toy boats were sink by the children. 1.
2. The books will be purchased when the library is complete. 2.
3. Have you not wrote to your brother yet? 3.
4. Fortunately I had pay most of my bills before running short of money. 4.
5. I am in the store yesterday buying groceries. 5.
6. Have you ate your vegetables? 6.
7. Yes, I hanged the pictures in our den as you suggested. 7.
8. Have you driven across the country yet? 8.
9. Where have you hidden the chocolates? 9.
10. We had forgot to lock the doors before we left. 10.
11. I dream last night that I was the scholarship recipient. 11
1 2. The children were teach how to swim at an early age. 12
13. Were yon tell how to work that machine? 13
14. Finally, Lori division took first place in the contest. 14.
15. Both of the executives were flied to headquarters on the corporate jet. 15
1 6. Our department took first place in the public relations contest. 16
1 7. They take extra food with them for the hike through Acadia National Park. 17
18. We had already see the movie. 18
19. After completing the essay, she leaved. 19
20. I seen the revised proposal. 20 

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